Let's Launch Arab Apartheid Week
Let's Launch Arab Apartheid Week

This past week, the Jewish state was demonized in more than 30 cities across the world as part of the annual hate-fest known as "Israel Apartheid Week", which aims to tarnish the country's image by portraying it as akin to the racist regime which ruled South Africa.

In the past, the typical response by pro-Israel activists to such charges has been to go on the defensive.

Well, I say the time has come to stop playing defense and to bring the offense out onto the field. We need to turn the tables and fight back against our opponents by taking the struggle toward their end-zone.

 A good place to be start would be to organize an annual Arab Apartheid Week, which would highlight the decrepit state of human and political rights throughout the Arab world.

Doing so will reframe the debate. More importantly, it will help Westerners to finally begin recognizing the Arab regimes for what they are: a dangerous mix of despotism and dictatorship.

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