I remember once seeing a cartoon of a Native American chief looking wistfully towards the distant horizon, where once his ancestral homeland lay. He was speaking to a stranger about the peace treaties he made that were all dishonored by the Americans.

In Britain there is an apt word for such nonsense. It's called codswallop.

The caption read: "Let me tell you about land for peace."

With this in mind, and with the painful knowledge of Israel's past "land for peace" fiascos, I penned an article, recently published in American Thinker, called "First Two-State Solution is 87 Years Old".

I felt it necessary to remind the world how, in 1922, the British Colonial Office headed by Winston Churchill had arbitrarily abrogated the promises made by Britain under the Balfour Declaration - of assisting the creation in Mandatory Palestine of a Jewish National Home. The British government broke its promise by tearing away all of the Mandate territory east of the River Jordan and giving it to the Arab Hashemite tribe. No Jews were allowed thereafter to live within the new Arab territory - Judenrein, Arab style.

Now the Jewish state - ever obliged through international pressure to take risks by agreeing to "land for peace", but never, ever receiving peace - is faced with the relentless continuation of the plan to divide up again what remains of Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, by tearing away its Biblical and ancestral homeland. This is the very Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria known throughout the world by its Jordanian Arab name, the West Bank. Land for peace and the two-state solution combine in their deathly embrace to force Israel into agreeing to permit within its borders the creation of an Arab terror state to be called "Palestine"; the 23rd Arab state.

In my work as a freelance writer and author, I am constantly forced to battle both Israel-bashers in the media as well as Jews who are sadly willing to abandon their people's patrimony. They do so in the deluded belief that by giving away the land, a full and lasting peace with the Muslim Arabs will descend upon embattled Israel like manna from heaven. In Britain there is an apt word for such nonsense. It's called codswallop.

It is necessary to retell the story of the redemption in June 1967, when Divine providence and Jewish patriotism combined to free Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights from alien occupation. But why must it be required to reiterate again and again that Israel did not capture land from another people? It always was the Jewish people's very own land; and it returned to its native people.

How long must the people endure Israeli governments which turn a blind eye to the creation of new Arab facts springing up on Judean and Samarian soil as a house here and a villa there? How long must they wait before a nationalist and patriotic Israeli government emerges that withstands foreign pressures; never again sending its police and troops, like thieves in the night, to destroy Jewish villages (I never use the pejorative English word, "settlements") on that same Judean and Samarian land?

Will Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu withstand such foreign pressure? Will he have learned the terrible lesson from his abandonment of Hevron, the city of Judaism's patriarchs and matriarchs, to the Muslim Arabs? Unless a miraculous change of heart occurs, I fear not.

Nationalist and patriotic Israelis, along with Jewish and non-Jewish supporters in the Diaspora, may therefore see the new government, with its inclusion of Ehud "peace at any price" Barak as Defense Minister, continuing the lamentable policy of "land for peace"; whereby, Israel gives away its land but never receives peace, followed inevitably with the direst of all tragedies - a second "two-state solution".

How long before the majority of politicians in the Knesset finally accept that Jews have returned to their ancestral and Biblical land, a land which presently stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. How long before they realize that Israel must not be the only nation in the world perpetually forced to concede its homeland - the very special land given in eternal Covenant by the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, King of Israel, Creator of the Universe - invisible and indivisible.

The threats are mounting against the Jewish state to an extent not seen since 1947. My own published book, Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state, outlines the relentless march of the enemies of Eretz Yisrael.

The manner in which Israel may yet prevail is to resist from a position of relative territorial strength. Hevron has already been lost to those Arabs who call themselves Palestinians (save for a tiny enclave in the holy city). The Arabs have no interest in Israel's survival; rather, the opposite. In return for a reduction in American support, Israel

Judaism, Zionism, Jerusalem - all are one and the same.

would be wise to keep Judea and Samaria. Keep the Golan. Restore parts of the Gaza Strip. Territory is strength. Judaism, Zionism, Jerusalem - all are one and the same.

Will the Jewish state remain true to the Covenant? Will it no longer concede one inch of covenanted land? Will that resolve extend to an undivided Jerusalem? Will there be a firm and unyielding rejection of yet another two-state solution? If not, I fear it will be another Final Solution for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Remember, it is always infinitely preferable to fight from a position of territorial strength than to be forced to battle for survival after yet more of the homeland has been given away in return for nothing. Remember the words of that Native American.

Copyright © Victor Sharpe 2009