At what point did this unending headache begin? Arabs attacked Jews long before there was a state called Israel. It was not about land. After the state was born, the Arab attacks on and in our borders did not cease despite

The more Israel gives, the more Jews die at the hands of our "peace partners".

Israel's ultimately proven military superiority with the 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars. One would think that after all those defeats, the Arabs would call it quits.

They might have, had they not seen that the Jews are not really sure they have an unquestionable moral right to be here, and are willing to do everything to remain in their land.

In truth, by today it is clear that it really isn't even about land at all. It never was. From the beginning, Israel was willing to divide, share, give away, bulldoze and ultimately disdain their God-promised land in return for acceptance; and then, even just for relative quiet. But the land give-aways did not buy any quiet - just more demands, threats and death. Neither did Israel's creation of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority do so.

Israel is working oh-so-hard to create another Arab country carved out of itself. Didn't help. Doesn't help. It just whetted the enemy's appetite and caused more disdain for Israel. And much more death.

And so it continues.

How smart must one be to see that the more Israel gives, the more Jews die at the hands of our "peace partners"? (Shimon Peres, architect of the Oslo Accords, referred to these murdered Jews as "sacrifices for peace" and to Arafat as a "peace partner".)

Perhaps it started when Israel convinced Arabs not to flee some of the areas liberated in 1948, and then when Moshe Dayan made sure they did not flee in the wake of the 1967 victory, and when Menachem Begin set the precedent of land-for-peace with Egypt in 1978 and expelled Jews from their homes in Yamit. Maybe the Arabs knew then that victory would be theirs. Just wait and persevere; the Jews would do the work. And so they did: the retreat from Lebanon in 2000 (which led to the 2006 debacle); and then the abandonment of Gaza to the Arabs with the expulsion of the Jewish communities there. Israeli soldiers paid the price as they were sent into the alleyways of Gaza today, a place no Jew was supposed to set foot in again.

Not a general myself, dare I ask why we sacrifice our precious men in house-to-house fighting when we can level the area and save so many lives? We can even warn the inhabitants of the area to leave first. Which army values enemy lives more than their own? Do we have a very mixed up leadership or is it much worse than that?

Arab-Muslim victory does not end with land. For Israel, "victory" is succeeding to get rid of the land in return for some quiet. Their goal is total victory; ours is "a solution to the conflict." They consider it noble to kill us. To us, there is no greater tragedy than killing them. Golda Meir said, "I can forgive them for killing our children, but not for making us kill theirs." Which Jewish principle is that?

Our society shows contempt for those who demonstrate their love and loyalty to the land. Their society adores those who succeed in killing us. Our leaders are never happier than when schmoozing with our murderers - this is "acceptance", after all.

What do the Arabs conclude from all this?

So, what do the Arabs conclude from all this? It is just a matter of time and they will have their ultimate blood orgy that they have been preparing for at home, at kindergarten, in the mosque, in school, at the university and in the press And they will go to heaven for it.

We have been taught by our opinion-makers that there is no military solution; that the problem is indeed only land and the stubborn Jews living on those lands. So the self-delusion continues. Until when?

At the time of the Bolshevik revolution, V. I. Lenin said that the worse it gets in Russia, the better it is for the revolutionaries. Before the revolutionaries or Maccabees appear in Israel, it might have to get worse yet.