Binyamin Netanyahu: “The era of weakness displayed by the Livni-Olmert government is about to end.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister and Likud candidate to retake the position in the upcoming election has sharply

After the day-long barrages of Kassams in Sderot, Ashkelon and the rest of the Negev, the Israeli Air Force responded by knocking out a rocket launcher.

criticized the helplessness in which the current Kadima government under Olmert and Livni has been conducting itself. In a news-conference, Netanyahu went on to blast the current government for allowing the rain of Kassams to continue un-abated.

“No other country would allow this to go on,” fumed Netanyahu. Mr. Netanyahu went on to lament Israel’s weakened position and the disintegration of its former power of deterrence by absorbing the barrages without proper responses while freeing hundreds upon hundreds of terrorists.

I beg to differ with Mr. Netanyahu. I refuse to accept his misguided assertion and unrealistic accusations. He is wrong, wrong, wrong! And I believe that a profound apology will be proper and wise. Literally, the man knows not what he’s talking about. Where has he been all these years?

I don’t believe that for the sake of an election one can say, do or twist obvious facts to fit one's own shortsighted and prejudiced view of events. He can not assert as he pleases and darn the consequences. A man needs to watch the words coming out of his mouth before he points fingers. Especially in this case.

First of all, the barrage of Kassams has been, and is still being, answered by the current government. The Israeli response is powerful, exemplary, and the terrorists are learning quick and hard that this can not go on. Why, only today, after the day-long barrages of Kassams in Sderot, Ashkelon and the rest of the Negev, the Israeli Air Force responded by knocking out a rocket launcher. Yep. It was only one. No terrorists were killed so that they may never do so again. But let's not be picky, shall we? At least there was a response, which already negates the accusation. So, Mr. Netanyahu, jot that down.

And to truly show Hamas that Israel is very determined to ‘teach them a lesson’, the Gaza crossings remained closed. The fact that Ehud Barak at first ordered them to be re-opened after closing them down for a few hours due to the previous barrages is not be counted as a lack of determination. Don’t be petty. For the next 24 hours, Hamas will not be able to grab hold of the tons of food and medicine which were to come across into Gaza. And for the next 24 hours, Hamas will not be able to steal and rob these necessities from their own people. Boy, when Barak decides to hurt the murderers he sure knows how. Are you writing this down, Mr. Netanyahu?

And continuing in that line, how can Netanyahu so blatantly minimize the exemplary gestures in which Israel has been immersed for years? Are you forgetting the gestures for Mahmoud Abbas in order to strengthen his position? Are you forgetting the strength displayed by Israel in giving the Palestinian Authority thousands of guns, millions of rounds and dozens of half-tracks? Are you dismissing the strength being displayed through the freeing of hundreds of terrorists? Are you telling me that they will immediately return to the ranks of terrorists and murderers? No, sir! They will not go back to terror. They promised, didn’t they? You don’t trust these ‘former terrorists,’ Mr. Netanyahu? I do. Abu Mazen has given his word that the terrorists will not go back to their bloody ways. Tzipi Livni trusts and believes in them. So does Barak and Ehud Olmert. They all believe the Holocaust-denier, Abu Mazen, so why don’t you? Why must you be a spoiler?

Has there been even one case of a freed terrorist going back to his wayward ways? As far as I know, the Barak-Olmert-Livni government doesn’t keep any such record. Obviously, the lack of such a record means that all of the murderers so far released have quit their former blood-letting jobs and are now collecting unemployment checks (paid them, by the way, with the millions of dollars the PA receives from Israel, never mind from the rest of the stupid world). Why, only a day or two ago, Israel transferred $25,000,000 to Hamas; for humanitarian needs, of course. Another ‘goodwill’ gesture which will strengthen Abbas. How? Isn’t Hamas and the PA really all one happy family? Are you claiming that though they are at each others throat, it is only a play, a show? And when it will come to the push-and-shove against Israel, do you believe they will still not stay apart, but unite against Israel? Oh, come on now. Don’t bother me with silly, impertinent questions and innuendos.

There is another point I want to make to Mr. Netanyahu, which will give much credence to my above-stated position that the former Prime Minister is wrong in his assertions and is out of touch with reality. Please pay careful attention and you, too, will conclude the obvious: Israel’s deterrence has not dissipated, as the former Prime Minister claims. Punkt far’kert - "just the opposite is true." The deterrence is stronger than ever. And the world can attest to it by simply observing and recording the obvious facts. To repeat the famous statement which so succinctly says it all: "Actions speak louder than words."

How exactly would Mr. Netanyahu describe the determination and force with which the people in Amona were

How do you, Mr. Netanyahu, describe the forceful midnight destruction of the Federman farm?

evicted from that site? How do you, Mr. Netanyahu, describe the forceful midnight destruction of the Federman farm, the terrorizing of his wife and children, and the detention of Mrs. Federman and her tiny infant by black-clad soldiers and police personnel? How would you explain the Third-World tactics of implementing the will of a corrupt Barak-Livni-Olmert government? How do you explain the expulsion of Jews from Adei-Ad and from the legally bought and settled Peace House in Hevron?

Do you not notice how Barak, his generals and commanders issue arbitrary orders that forbid residents of Samaria, of Kiryat Araba or of Yitzhar to return to their homes for months at a stretch? Aren’t you aware that this ‘expulsion’ of residents from their families and homes, under pretexts and contrived accusations? All that is done under the laws implemented by the British Mandate back in its days of controlling the land is done from the position of strength. How else would one describe such determination and the show of power?

I’ll tell you how I describe and explain and elucidate what is happening. I will put it in very plain and simple words. Make no mistake about it: once precisely explained, even you, Mr. Netanyahu will have to admit that the harsh words with which you castigated the Barak-Livni-Olmert government were out of place. Once elucidated in proper perspective, I will expect you to kindly issue a firm and sincere apology.

It is very clear, simple and understandable, even to those amongst us who are not politically savvy or who simply don’t pay attention to events.

What is happening is D-E-T-E-R-R-E-N-C-E.