The Arab-Islamic terrorist's strategy against the Free World is comprised of two parallel but corresponding and coordinated arms: jihad, as a holy war against the infidels, and da'wah, as the means of persuasion and conviction to join Islam. Both are intended to achieve the same objectives, both are used at the same time by different

Both are intended to achieve the same objectives, both are used at the same time by different perpetrators.

perpetrators and against different targets; and both are important in the march of Islam to subdue the Free World. Jihad and its derivations appears 41 times in 18 chapters in the Koran, mostly coupled with fi sabilillah ("in the way of Allah"), which gives it a religious sanctity.

Da'wah is the concept of missionary activity in Islam, and the da'i, he who propagates Islam, is one of the respected among the Muslim religious elite. It is the invitation to all human beings to believe in Islam as the supreme religion (Surah 14, ayah 44 of the Koran). It is a missionary religious preaching and a convincing strategy meant to economize the Islamic body-politic resources. It is the means of building the Islamic empire (Ibn Khaldun, al-Muqaddimah, vol. 2, pp. 121, 129), and because of that it is much more lethal than jihad: a winning psychological warfare. In our age, both are aimed at deluding the Free World about Islamic targets. Both are encouraging commandments in the way of the Islamic strategy to conquer the world.

Da'wah is the first, the opening address to approach the infidels, to persuade them to subdue their will to Islam, in moderate, tender, graceful ways, and if it fails, it is the duty of jihad to achieve the Islamic targets. The proof of the deep connection between jihad and da'wah, is the way that the most important and influential Islamic classical exegetes put them together in the Hadith (oral traditions) and in the Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).

This is exactly the Arab-Islamic strategy towards the Free World, through da'wah: propaganda concerning so-called Islamic tolerance towards the other; liberalism and good faith. However, Arab-Islamic cultural values of the 7th century still motivate the behavior of the global Islamic murderous groups, called "world jihad". Yet, only through understanding the critical importance of da'wah and its functions, can one grasp the imminent threat the contemporary Islamic challenge poses to the Free World.

Islam is a missionary religion, an ever-expanding faith that has no borders and no political limits. It is the presented as the universal religion for all mankind, a total way of life and a cornerstone of personal conduct (Surah 2, ayah 208; Surah 42, ayah 38). It means salvation through voluntary submission, surrender and absolute devotion to Allah. Islam is not a religion like Christianity, but a din, which means "law". It is not merely a system of belief and worship, but rather a whole way of life, to include civil, criminal and constitutional law. Islam has no Councils or Synods, no hierarchies or canon laws and courts. Islam is the whole civilization, a political identity and involves allegiance to one polity.

This is exactly the extent of Islamic tolerance.

Islam sees itself as the culmination of God's previous revelations (Judaism and Christianity included). It supersedes them and virtually renders them obsolete, and it is Allah's sole revelation and religion for all humanity. Muhammad is Allah's final prophet and the Koran is Allah's final book. There is a Hadith from Ibn-Hanbal, sourced to Muhammad: "Do not argue about (the Koran), because disputation over it is disbelief, and disbelief leads to death." This is exactly the extent of Islamic tolerance.

The process of Arabization of the occupied territories of the Middle East was no less important than their Islamization; it was most probably even a preferred goal, since it fits the salient features of Arab cultural behavior and personality. This cultural variable is the most important factor, since it is essential to understand that Islam is an "Arab religion": it was brought to the Arabs by an Arab with an Arab mission; the Koran is written in Arabic; the language of prayer of all Muslims is Arabic; and the great conquests of Islam were carried out by Arab armies.