Amazing! Hundreds if not thousands of police and military personnel converged on the Jewish community of Yad Ya'ir and demolished it - openly violating a court order not to destroy the structures. In a repeat of the shameful scenes previously witnessed during the Gaza expulsion and the Amona government-led demolition, the homes of the Jewish residents were destroyed and leveled to the ground. And once again, Jewish residents of the supposedly democratic state have had brutality seen in totalitarian regimes descend on their heads. A great

Amazing; and totally vexing.

welcome to new Kadima leader and presumed next Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni.

Amazing; and totally vexing. Remember how only a few days ago the Israeli police, in their refusal to carry out the eviction orders handed out against the squatters who settled on the Herskovitz property in Jerusalem, professed a lack of manpower? In other words, the great anti-settlers police department could not find any spare personnel and therefore refused to carry out the court-ordered eviction of the Arab interlopers and squatters. I wonder how many policemen or military personnel would have been needed to evict the dozen or so Arabs? Twenty, perhaps? How many soldiers and bulldozers were needed? Fifty? Yet, none were available.

Amazing! Enthusiastically and against specific court orders, the expulsion forces had no problem in finding among their "over-burdened" workforce hundreds of eager and willing individuals determined to carry out illegal orders of eviction and destruction of Jewish homes. Jewish, not Arab, of course.

Jewish children are stabbed and almost killed in Yitzhar and the corrupt finally-out Prime Minister Ehud Olmert condemns the Jewish settlers for reacting. How many times must the Jewish inhabitants of any city or town tolerate the ongoing Arab attempts to rob, beat and murder? In New York, for example, such despicable murder-attempt on a Jew would be considered a racial hate crime. But in Israel, the victim is the perpetrator.

Should any government in any country apply the same base and underhanded tactics against their Jewish population, the Israeli government, indignant in its reaction, would sternly condemn such acts of eviction and destruction as anti-Semitic. Should a similar heavy contingent of army and police personnel be used to expel Jews from their homes and demolish those buildings anywhere in the world, we would cry, "Foul!" And rightfully so.

Yet, in the state of the Jews, the despicable anti-Jewish acts of injustice and wanton destruction of property carried out by other Jews continues unabated. The Jewish army purported to be the "people's army," sworn to defend Israeli citizens, does its best to destroy any vestiges of Jewish pride and self-respect. To love the land is a foreign concept; to hate your fellow Jew has become part and parcel of the general thought process. Beating, expelling and dispossessing Jews is the convoluted method of showing the world that the Israeli government is not weak and spineless. By destroying Jewish homes and expelling settlers - acts which no one in the world ever protests - the Israeli government is showing the world that Jews are less privileged in their own land than illegal squatters on private property. It boggles the senses.

We witness clearly how, in every one of the up-to-now sanctioned and encouraged expulsions of Jews, physical brutality is being employed against the settlers. The police and military personnel are totally unconcerned with the possible consequences of their actions, knowing very well that the beating of Jewish settlers, especially those wearing a yarmulke, will go unpunished. If false, untrue and totally fabricated charges are brought by Arabs against any soldier, the angry reaction by the media, Peace Now, Machsom Watch and other despicable anti-Jewish groups is loud and clear. But the destruction of Jewish homes or the arbitrary arrest of settlers goes unpunished. Say what you may, but the unfortunate truth is that the government of the State of Israel has long ago turned the country into a haven for the Arab enemy and an earthly Hell for Jews.

However, as in the riddle posed by Samson to the Philistines: "...from strength came forth honey...." Here, too, brilliance has emerged from the outrage. Now that Yad Ya'ir has been demolished completely, there is an easy

The police can no longer say that they don't have the manpower to evict the illegal Arab invaders.

and pliable solution to the problem of evicting the Arabs from the Herskovitz property. Of the hundreds of personnel and the dozen or so heavy equipment that carried out the wanton destruction, why not assign fifty or so and send them to expel the Arab thieves and interlopers from the property?

Brilliant, I believe. The police can no longer say that they don't have the manpower to evict the illegal Arab invaders, because it's obvious that there are hundreds, if not thousands, standing at the ready to expel Jews. So, to assign a few dozen from the hundreds already deployed does not create any hardship or strain, does it? I believe that it's not even necessary to send any bulldozers or other heavy equipment onto the property. Once the court order is carried out and the interlopers are sent packing, Mr. Herskovitz will take care of the rest. In fact, it will save the police and army thousands of shekels in conserved fuel. I truly believe that the whole operation can be carried out in less than half an hour.

And then, the same fifty or so can rejoin the others in readiness to be deployed to destroy another Jewish settlement, somewhere. Wow! Brilliant, I think.

But, then again, we are talking about Jews versus Arabs. In today's State of Israel, the Jews lose.