It happened on January 26, 2008, at the UCLA Freud PlayHouse in Los Angeles, California. It brought the world's most renowned scholars and top performing artists together to remember the life of Cyrus the Great, the founding father of Persia and the mighty Persian Empire - perhaps the most exemplary, magnificent and just king the world

Perhaps the most exemplary, magnificent and just king the world has ever known.

has ever known.

The event put together visual arts, the ambiance of the theater, and the inspirational young and beautiful Anna Djanbazian’s dancers (who, in precise rows, executed perfectly harmonious and breathtaking dances). The entertainment continued with delightful music by the legendary Iranian pop singer Dariush, who selflessly and quickly accepted the offer to perform without any compensation for this noble cause. And the same goes for the always magnificent, Oscar-nominated composer, vocalist and performance artist, the beautiful Sussan Deyhim.
And Max Amini, the well-known Iranian-American stand-up comedian, brought the Colosseum to its knees. His humor and stories captured what it's like to be an Iranian in America these days.

The evening was cultivated by an impresario of Persian archeology, the adventurous explorer and film maker of our ancient past, and simply an Iranian hero, Cyrus Kar himself. He lured and captivated the audience for a mystical night of remembering Cyrus the Great.

The Iranian communities around the world are grateful and appreciative when singers, dancers, performers and artists are willing to set aside their time and perform freely to promote justice and freedom. We hope to see more and more Iranian artists participating in this kind of gathering. An artist is not paid for his labor, but for his vision,” said James MacNeill Whistler.

It all began like a lyrical poem, evolving into a contemplative national epic. In the ancient tradition of historical epics, all the elements were perfectly matched to the image of the inspirational melody.

The opening ceremony started with the Mistress of Ceremonies, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, the charming and beautiful singer, songwriter and international human rights activist. She was also Miss World Canada. Beyond a doubt, her presence lent a sense of euphoria and excitment to the entire ceremony.

And finally, the very gracious audience - they came from near and far to gather for what every Iranian understands: the need to recognize and preserve our national heritage from the ravages of time and calamities of the present ruling regime in Iran. They came to support their fellow Iranian, Cyrus Kar, who has been painstakingly trying to make a documentary film about the life of the benevolent king, Cyrus the Great.

There were many distinguished and honorable speakers who contributed to this event, as well. The first was Dr. David Stronach, the renowned Scottish archaeologist of ancient Iran and Iraq. He is currently a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Also speaking were Dr. Jennifer Rose, Professor at Stanford University, Dr. Abbas Milani, an Iranian-American historian and author, and Professor Mark D. Rosenbaum, legal director of the

A man whom the Jews called “Messiah” and who died 2,500 years ago can be a threat to the very existence of the current brutal, un-Iranian Islamic regime.

American Civil Liberties Union in Los Angeles, where he has worked since 1974.

What the Islamic Republic's despotic rulers have set out to do is defeat the Iranian spirit inside Iran and extinguish Cyrus’ spirit around the world, through brainwashing, coercion and terrorist acts. It has given Cyrus Kar all the more impetus to recreate and show the world who and what Cyrus the Great truly was: the embodiment of the human spirit. This documentary is in its final stages and is in dire need of your support.

It is ironic that a man whom the Jews called “Messiah” and who died 2,500 years ago can be a threat to the very existence of the current brutal, un-Iranian Islamic regime. The Islamic Republic of Iran seems to be fearful both of the dead and the living. Yet, Iran has survived despite her enemies, the course of innumerable wars, invasions, pillages and captivity at the hands of barbaric tribes, and in spite of being forced into an un-Iranian religion.

Our message to the world is clear. We, the diverse people of Iran, are descendants of an optimistic, enlightened and positive people. We are the children of Cyrus the Great. We meet any challenge and pay any price to defeat tyranny, and we will not rest until Iran is completely free of the despotic rule of Islamofascism.