The Bush administration and the Olmert government have determined that - in order to serve their perceived goals in the Middle East - a Fatah-led Palestinian state should be established in Judea and Samaria. To that end, the US government and the Israeli

Fatah continues to strive for a new rapprochement with Hamas.

government are prepared to promote the idea that Israel must withdraw from Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, and provide aid and military training to Fatah.

That policy is predicated on the notion that Fatah is a "moderate" entity that can be relied upon; it is willfully ignorant of all evidence to the contrary:

* That Mahmoud Abbas was a deputy of Yasser Arafat, participated in terrorism-supporting activities, and continues Arafat's policies to this day;

* That Farouk Kaddoumi, the Secretary-General of Fatah , completely rejects the concept of peace with Israel;

* That Abbas, as Palestinin Authority president, has been in league with and fostered support for terrorist entities such as Hamas. The culmination of the Fatah history of cooperation with Hamas was the unity government, which led to the Hamas takeover of Gaza;

* That Fatah continues to strive for a new rapprochement with Hamas;

* That the Fatah Charter to this day calls for the destruction of Israel via armed resistance, and that the PLO charter calling for Israel's destruction was never actually amended, in spite of the pretense that it had been;

* That after the Bush Administration supplied arms, ammunition and intelligence to Fatah this past year, under the specious premise that it would fight Hamas, it was forced to watch Fatah surrender its entire American arsenal in Gaza to Hamas;

* That the PA, even under the Abbas aegis, pumps out inciteful material - in its textbooks and via its media - that is anti-Semitic, denies the legitimacy of Israel and praises jihad; and

* That Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, which the US Justice Department and the Israeli government designated in 2002 as a terrorist organization, remains a part of Fatah. The Al-Aksa Brigade members see Abbas as their leader and Abbas serves to protect this

The Al-Aksa Brigade members see Abbas as their leader.

group, even incorporating its members into PA security forces. Meanwhile, Al-Aksa takes credit for shelling Sderot.

In the course of providing assistance and support to the PA run by Fatah, neither the US nor Israel require any quid pro quo and make no demands with regard to such matters as cessation of incitement, commitment to take out Hamas, or disbanding of, or total disassociation from, the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades.

The strengthening of Fatah and efforts to bring about a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria serve to undermine the security of Israel (and also Jordan) and bring further instability to the entire area, including Iraq. Support for the terrorist-allied Fatah gives comfort to radical, fiercely anti-Zionist and anti-American forces in the region. As was clearly the case when Israel left Gaza two years ago, a pullout from Judea and Samaria would provide terrorists with control of further territory from which to operate. This is neither in the best interests of Israel nor of the United States. This policy is myopic at best.

Challenging the Bush-Olmert Policy
The US Congress remains overwhelmingly pro-Israel and dedicated to helping Israel when called upon to do so. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have expressed criticism of the Bush administration's continuing coddling of Abbas, especially in light of the collapse of the US initiative to bolster Abbas only six months ago, which resulted in the strengthening of Hamas. And the administration remains accountable to the Congress, especially to its operational subcommittees.

However, because the government of Israel hesitates to challenge the Palestinian policies of the Bush administration, many members of Congress remain passive in their opposition to these policies; the truism about not wanting to be more Catholic than the Pope applies here. Congresspersons are more likely to respond with vigorous opposition to the Bush policies if: they have solid, cutting-edge information on the issues; they hear from Israelis prepared to counter their government's passivity; and they are encouraged by their constituents to act.
Opinion-makers who have influence with the White House should be approached. They, too, require solid, cutting-edge information on the issues and an opportunity to hear from concerned and knowledgeable Israelis.

Attempts must be made to alter US public opinion, which will, in its turn, have an effect on the White House, on Congress and on opinion-makers. This should be done via providing cutting-edge information to key members of the press.

All efforts in the USA should focus on the ways in which the Bush-Olmert policy is detrimental to US goals and best interests.

Proposed Actions
Garner information on Fatah. Draw upon the services of top-notch, Arabic-speaking journalists and investigators, as it is vital to compile cutting-edge, solid documentation regarding the Palestinian Authority as a terrorist entity.

Share information on Fatah utilizing a variety of means to channel information to key Congressional staffers, key members of the press and key opinion-makers.

Enhance efforts at disseminating and consolidating information about the Palestinian Authority-Fatah in a timely Internet newsletter, in concise format.

Bring Israeli experts to Washington DC to speak about PA textbooks, matters of security, etc., and hold briefings with key staff members on Capital Hill.

Hold press conferences to expose information about Fatah with journalists.

Apply pressure upon Congress and the Knesset concerning Fatah. To this end, mobilize American citizens who live in Israel - especially in in Judea and Samaria - to reach out to staff members of their own Congresspersons, as well as members of Congressional

Mobilize American citizens who live in Israel.

Middle East subcommittees, to ask that they override Bush's coddling of Fatah. What they should communicate is that helping Fatah is counterproductive to US interests and would only facilitate an anti-American and ant-Semitic Islamist entity. Americans in Israel should also be encouraged to generate support for this effort in their original communities, among family, friends and synagogues.

Parallel to the work in Washington, experts on Fatah should maintain constant contact with all levels of influence in Israel - and provide briefings for the Knesset, for the Israeli media, for Israeli universities, for Israeli corporations, for Israeli victims of Fatah terror, and for the Israeli intelligence community.