Some day, we'll recall the tranquil months of headlines devoted to road accidents and minor scandals - the headlines of a society free from existential cares - as a fool's paradise whose fools turned a blind eye to the erupting volcano threatening to bury us all. There was another summer like the one that just passed preceding Yom Kippur in 1973, but this time the surprise attack is being readied from within, and the calamity will be

The role of the sacrificial lamb will be filled by Jerusalem.


I'm referring to the ritual sacrifice that the Bush administration is preparing for us this November that goes by the name of "peace conference." The role of the sacrificial lamb will be filled by Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, hundreds of Jewish communities, and hundreds of thousands of Jews that will become refugees in their own land. All this, on the backdrop of national, societal and diplomatic collapse.

The kindling and the fire for the sacrifice will be brought by Shimon Peres and his perpetual partner in crime, Terje Larsen. Serving them are Haim Ramon, Ehud Olmert and Abu Mazen. Spurring them on are two evil and ambitious women who, like the most destructive tornadoes, are called cute nicknames: Tzipi and Condi. On the tombstone, the gravediggers will engrave the words, "The Diplomatic Horizon" (for the Palestinians) or "Principles for the Final Status Agreement" or "Framework Agreement for the Establishment of a Palestinian State." The conference will deal with "core issues;" that is to say, it will uproot the core and the heart of our hold on our land: Jerusalem, borders, refugees, destruction of the settlements.

Discussions on these matters are being held continually and urgently towards the end of bringing the sacrificial lamb to Washington on time, already bound and readied for slaughter. There are those who are working to ensure that the sacrificial feast will be well attended - from Morocco in the West to the Gulf States in the East. Israel's enemies have waited 40 years for this moment, when Israel will be forced to regurgitate all that she swallowed during the Six Day War. Their eyes will finally merit to see the ceremony of subjugation whereby the Jews will return to the Arabs their lost honor and resume their proper places.

To our enemies' good fortune, manning the helm of Israel's ship of state is a man supremely appropriate to the task of self-administering this coup de grace to the Jews - a man dogged by failures and accusations of corruption, whose personal attributes embody all that is weak, rotten, spoiled and foundering among the Jews in their land at this hour.

At this "peace" conference, the enemies of Israel from the East and from the West will dictate the decree that Olmert and his friends are writing now in absolute secrecy

It's comforting to tell ourselves soothing tales.

together with the Americans and the Arabs. Meanwhile, the Israeli public, including the national camp and the settlers, twiddle their thumbs. It's comforting to tell ourselves soothing tales, such as how Olmert is weak and Abu Mazen is even weaker, and that both of them lack the standing and support among their people to undertake such far-reaching diplomatic initiatives. There are no lack of such rationalizing yarns. Whoever calms themselves in this way doesn't understand the nature and quality of the liquidation ceremony that's being prepared for us.

This ceremony doesn't require any strength. In fact, it doesn't require anything at all except for a declaratory statement, ink on paper, the most feeble exhalation of breath, an effort that even a dying man could make without difficulty. However, a declaration like this is enough to bring about, in the words of Shimon Peres, "The concluding chapter of the conflict with the Palestinians." In actual truth, it would be the concluding chapter of Israel's independence. After the statement is signed, Israel will be a state in name only. In reality, Israel will become a protectorate of the United Nations, whose foreign policy and security are given into the hands of the Quartet. Our security, that is to say our lives, would be entrusted to international forces in the north, center and south of the country.

At the sacrificial "peace" conference in Washington, Israel will likely obligate itself to establish a Palestinian state on its ancestral inheritance. The capital of the new state will be Jerusalem, and not even one Jew will be allowed to live within its boundaries.

It doesn't matter that the conference will not determine on which street in Jerusalem and over which hill or through which valley the border will pass. It is of no significance that the conference won't decide how many Arab "refugees" we'll be forced to swallow. What will be determined, irrevocably and eternally, this coming year or next year at the latest, is Palestinian sovereignty as a diplomatic, international, fact - with finality. The rest truly isn't important.

So, too, when they signed the Oslo Accords with only the "Declaration of Principles." In its wake, as thunder follows lightning, we were hit by the "interim agreement" with all its details that demanded actualization: areas A, B, and C, the Palestinian "police", inserting a terror state infrastructure from Tunis into our borders, and all the rest of the insane arrangements that buried 1,500 Jews in their land and prepared the state for its final act of self-immolation. The guise of a Palestinian state that will turn life in this land into a living hell -- an irrevocable living hell.

It's not important that the governmental apparatuses of the Palestinian state will be weak or even non-existent. It doesn't matter whether a prime minister or the head of some terrorist faction will rule. It's not important if this state has no economy and will live on the handouts that Israel, the Europeans and the Americans pay to the gangsters as protection money for a modicum of quiet. The world contains a number of such non-functional states. Somalia, for example, is ruled by gangs of tribal thieves and thugs, but that doesn't in the least detract from Somalian sovereignty and from the land remaining the land of Somalia according to international law.

Theodor (Binyamin) Herzl had a vision of a Jewish state arising with international legal recognition. Now, this vision has been turned on its head, and a foreign entity is achieving international recognition as sovereign over the Land of Israel. And who is promoting this travesty? if an invisible hand guarded the ancient Jewish home.

The Jews themselves.

Intensifying the heartbreak is the fact that Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the only remaining territories on the entire Earth (excepting the South Pole) that remain ownerless - as if an invisible hand guarded the ancient Jewish home for the Jewish people. And now, that people's representative is pushing away this hand in an act of historic betrayal that will resound throughout the generations.

Now, the more we ground and strengthen our claim that we're the real and legal owners of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem, the more we'll ground and strengthen the newly acquired right of the Palestinians to those lands. After all, who is most authorized to gift and grant ownership over land if not the rightful owner? He, and only he, can legally effectuate the transfer.

We need to gather all the Jews - all those who remain Jews - while there's still time, and embark on a struggle to the bitter end. We need to prevent, at any price, the taking of the one step from which there's no return, the one additional step that will pull the ground from under us and fling us into the abyss of Palestinian sovereignty.

Remember, we've been warned.