Peres to Ambassadors: 'It's Not Clear Why They Continue To Shoot'
September 11, 2007 - "It's not clear why they are continuing to shoot at us despite the fact that we went out of and disengaged from the Gaza Strip." So said President Shimon Peres in reference to the Kassam that landed in Zikim. He made the comment during a toast in honor of the New Year with foreign ambassadors in Israel. [The statements were] reported by IDF Radio.

Zikim is an army base somewhere in the Negev. Sixty-nine soldiers were wounded. Comprende? In simpler language: the Hamas terrorists and murderers who control Gaza fired a Kassam rocket and hit the army base wounding sixty-nine of the soldiers at the base, some requiring hospitalization. Simple. Clear. Unambiguous.

Any ten-year-old understands clearly.

Any ten-year-old understands clearly why; yet, the president of Israel doesn't understand? There have been over two thousand (!) Kassam rockets fired into Israel from Gaza since the ill-fated, ill-conceived, criminal expulsion of the Jews from Gaza and the destruction of their communities. And the reason for the non-stop bombardment is explicitly clear to every resident in Sderot, Ashkelon and in the Negev. Namely, complying to a T with their blood-underlined mission to eradicate the State of Israel, the gangster group Hamas recognized the retreat from Gaza as an Israeli defeat.
They viewed the Sharon-Peres-Olmert initiated expulsion as a retreat in the face of the non-stop violence being visited on Israeli citizens. Hamas and the rest of the Arab murderers viewed the Gaza-Samaria expulsion as another step forward in the ultimate destruction of Israel. They realize, and rightfully so, that onslaught drives Israel back into more and more concessions until the final goal is met.
These gangsters see how Israel continues to fold - in releasing prisoners, and in handing over millions of dollars and armaments to Fatah (which ultimately will fall into Hamas hands, as we saw in the Gaza takeover). They see the shameless, self-destructing negotiations Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas are conducting. They see clearly how the negotiations are one-sided; Olmert gives and Abbas demands and receives. They note clearly how Israel has not responded forcefully to the two-thousand Kassam rockets.

Can you name any self-respecting country that would tolerate this? Can you point to any other country that would sit silently as a war against her is being implemented in deeds of aggression, destruction, terror and mayhem?

We are all witness to the ridicule over the every-so-often so-called "warning" Olmert's corrupt government issues when it "vows to retaliate," which is an on-going joke. But the joke is no longer funny. We are all witness to the devastating effect the Kassam bombardment has on Sderot. Streets and neighborhoods are empty, businesses closed and citizens afraid to venture out.

The joke is no longer funny.

Doesn't our asinine president see the same as we do? Is he wearing blindfolds, or is it simply that his mind is so directed towards surrender at any cost? The statement he made at that meeting with the foreign ambassadors is simply too embarrassing to have come from his mouth.

And since you made the above stupid statement, Mr. Peres, I will take the time and space to answer it in very simple words so that even you, my esteemed and illustrious president, will understand.

You see, Shimon, for years I proposed that you may not be totally dense between your ears as much as having long ago become a pro-Arab, anti-Israel traitor. I never considered you totally dim-witted, but I happen to have a can of peas on my kitchen counter with more intelligence than that displayed by your comment. So let's try to spoon-feed you the answer. Please don't gag on the truth.

The Arabs with whom Israel is playing patsy, no matter by what name the group goes, want Israel destroyed. D-e-s-t-r-o-y-e-d. Like eliminated, eradicated, wiped-off-the-map. These murderers are not peace-partners, no matter how many times you regurgitate that idiotic phrase. They are not amiable to any negotiations, unless, of course, Israel concedes to whatever they demand, until next time. Now don't go denying that fact, Mr. President, because the truth is still the truth no matter how much sand you and your other cohorts throw in our eyes. Whether the gangsters go by the name of Arafat or Abu Mazen, Sheikh Yassin or Muhammad Dahlan, Hamas, Jihad or Fatah - their goal, Mr. Peres, is one and the same. They want me and you - yes, you - dead and out of the lands they usurped and which they call Palestine.

They will have no compunctions in re-establishing the concentration camps. They are anxiously waiting the rebuilding

I happen to have a can of peas on my kitchen counter with more intelligence.

and reigniting of the crematoriums. And they will stand there watching in glee as you and I and Olmert and Sharon - every Jew - burns to a crisp. They will fire their weapons into the air as they wave good-bye at the black smoke rising from the chimney, waving you onward to the la-la land you created with your denial of the truth. Do you understand now? Not yet? Then let me go on.

No matter how much Israel will attempt to negotiate, to give, to compromise, to concede, it will have no bearing on what the real Arab goal is. Hiding your head in the sand does nothing for you or Olmert other than make your posterior a better target to be kicked.

Every parent who lost a child to terrorism, every child who lost a father can easily explain what he or she understands clearly. Yet, you, the bright one, seem so fogged up by your unwillingness to see the truth that you pose such ludicrous, laughable, unworthy questions. Where, exactly have you been hibernating all these years? And what does it say to our collective minds if the blind, the dumb and the criminal are leaders of Israel? When will we finally recognize the waste and refuse you and the other traitors have created and say, "Enough is enough," and send you all to retirement or to the jail you deserve? When?

Have I answered your brainless question, Mr. Peres?