Shocking. Another State Department Arabist takes Jews to task for wanting to survive the Foggy Folks' less-than-friendly, if not downright hostile, "peace" (of the grave) plans.

On August 10, an Israeli newspaper quoted former Prime Minister, now Defense Minister, General Ehud Barak as saying that Israel won't withdraw from the West Bank before

Fatah itself was often a party to the atrocities.

finding a solution to Arab rocket attacks. Commenting on others' wishful thinking about a "quick peace," Barak added, "The Israel public reacts sanely in not believing such fantasies.... [It is] not possible to envisage separation with the Palestinians before finding means to protect the population...."

Consider that after Israel totally withdrew from Gaza, while it was still under the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas' control, towns in southern Israel were hit non-stop by Arab rockets. Consider also that the Arab intifada was launched under Fatah's watch and the Arafatians did nothing to stop the blowing up of buses, teen nightclubs and restaurants, along with other barbarism deliberately targeting the most innocent. Fatah itself was often a party to the atrocities.

When it comes to a Jewish Israel, there is no disagreement between Fatah and Hamas, despite whitewashing and cover-ups that the State Department has been doing in Yasser Arafat's and his successors' names for decades. So, Israel is faced with Hamas, openly calling for its destruction, and Abbas' Arafatians' destruction in phases and Trojan Horse strategies for Israel's elimination.

Abbas has never changed the platform he ran on, in favor of Israel's destruction (but by "more acceptable" means); and the Fatah-run schools, mosques, camps, television stations, newspapers, maps, websites, and so forth look no different than those of Hamas when it comes to acceptance of a Jewish State. On the contrary, Israel's disappearance or non-existence is the perpetual message in all Fatah outlets.

After Abbas' Fatah got the boot from Gaza, it had to start the sweet talk up again to gain additional American support. Since it doesn't take much to get Foggy Folks to squeeze Jews (they opposed Israel‘s rebirth in the first place and have often been nasty to its mere basic interests ever since), the full court press soon arrived, with a weak-kneed Israeli leadership bearing the brunt. And this time, Israel's "best friend," President George W. Bush, was leading the charge.

With a good long-term prognosis for Iraq not likely, Dubya would like a success in the region as he leaves office. The birth of Arab state no. 22 - and the second Arab state in "Palestine" (Jordan sitting on about 80% of the original 1920 Palestine Mandate) - would do nicely, for many reasons.

Enter Ehud Barak. Ironically, this is the same guy whom President Bill Clinton - aiming to redeem his own presidency - squeezed at Camp David and Taba not long ago to give away the store. Luckily, Arafat refused. Yet, here we are again a bit later, with virtually the same scenario.

Abbas has so far proven to be nothing more than Arafat in a suit. He too "condemns" - wink, wink - blowing Jews apart while funding those who do so, and having his own Fatah folks take part. He plays the good cop-bad cop game well, with State Department

Fatah got the boot from Gaza, it had to start the sweet talk up again.

assistance. Abbas still refuses to give up his demand to overwhelm Israel with millions of "returning" jihadist refugees, talks only of a hudna ceasefire, refuses to confront Arabs who terrorize Jews, and so forth. For such "moderation," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert & Co. have turned over military equipment, released terrorists, given up territory, provided funds, further exposed Jews, etc.

When Barak commented that Israel should not be rushed to a virtual retreat to its miniscule1949 armistice line existence before it could deal with attacks that will likely be launched from territory turned over to Abbas, he simply stated facts that the most naïve of the naïve could understand. What Defense Minister anywhere, faced with such realities, would plan differently? Would America be so trusting of an enemy with such a proven record?

Well, after Barak responded as he did, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had her point man at Foggy Bottom do the typical Arabist dirty work. Tom Casey issued a diplomatic slap, calling Barak's comments "overly pessimistic." Can you recall a Foggy spokesperson issuing such a slap to one of the feudal Arab oil despots - even after 9/11 and all of those Saudi homicide bombers? Not good for business, if you know what I mean. Again, many a Foggy Folk and other government official has eventually benefited from the Arab oil spigot - including the Bush family.

Finally, read General Barak's comments again. Where's the pessimism? He's a seasoned Israeli military leader who knows his enemies far better than any Foggy Arabist does.

Would Casey allow Dulles Airport, the White House and such to come within range of rocket fire from an enemy dedicated to our destruction, and that has constantly launched missiles at us already - even after extensive unilateral concessions were made to that enemy? How about, perhaps, Casey's own kids - would he bare their necks so optimistically given the nature of the enemy Israel faces?

What evidence does Casey provide that the Fatah leopard will change its murderous spots? We've heard the sweet, empty Arafatian tune before. Excuse after excuse after excuse has been made for the Palestinian Authority. Meanwhile, Abbas' boys have been renegotiating deals with Hamas and paying Hamasniks with money recently released to Abbas by Olmert under Washington's pressure.

What evidence does Casey have of a Fatahstan that will recognize a Jewish Israel and finally change its charter, which calls for Israel's destruction? Or a Fatahstan which will ever teach acceptance instead of the joys of martyrdom to its children?

None. None at all.

But Jews, in a nation the size of New Jersey, will continue to be squeezed anyway, and this time it won't be only places like Sderot in the Israeli Negev under fire, but Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and most of Israel's population and industry, which is located in Israel's narrow 9-16-mile wide waist.

Realism, Mr. Casey, not pessimism. And certainly not optimism. Yet, only if the latter was truly available would the core concessions Israel is being forced into make any sense. As many of us have written, this whole thing has the stench of Munich 1938 about it, with Chamberlain's sellout of the Czechs to Hitler to achieve "peace for our time." Unfortunately, none of this matters right now with the folks running the show in Washington.

So, what will it take to wake the Israeli public up from its dangerous slumber?

A great Hebrew sage, Rabbi Hillel, proclaimed a few thousand years ago, "if I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?"

Israel has bent over backwards to make critical concessions to those who still seek its destruction anyway. It's time for the first part of Hillel's message to at last be taken seriously.