It is unfortunate that I have to begin this article with the jolt of such a knuckle-whitening title, but I'm deadly serious. Some people who think support for Israel amounts to camping out need to be shaken out of their complacency. In the past, I have called for the use of the neutron bomb on Iran ("Time to Neutron Iran"); and, failing that, use of the hydrogen bomb on Tehran ("Is a Hydrogen Bomb on Tehran Any Better?"), since Iran is so

Just a handful of neutron bombs will be sufficient.

centralized that it is essentially a "one-bomb" country if Tehran is nuked.

Israel now has more Jews than any other country. Ehud Olmert and his left-wing wife cannot be allowed to destroy 5,000 years of Jewish history simply because, like Saul, he wants to show mercy on Amalek. He needs to be removed from office immediately so that Israel can take robust military action against Iran. Anyone who delays this, no matter what the political gain for the right-wing as Olmert implodes politically, is an Iran enabler.

The IAEA found in Iran polonium-210, used almost exclusively for making A-bomb triggers. Since polonium-210 has a half-life of only 138 days, it is highly perishable and only made when use of an atom bomb is imminent. Iran is about to nuke Israel. Iran must be nuked first.

Sometimes, when a child is bad, he needs a good spanking. Iran needs a good nuking. There is no "moral dilemma" here and it is no more complicated than that.

Israel is going to nuke Iran. Every alternative has run out of time. The only question is whether Iran nukes Israel first. It is just and inevitable that Israel will make a nuclear attack on Iran and Syria against military forces to soften their armies up, facilitating an easy invasion of Iran via Syria, crossing the small land gap between them through friendly Kurdish territory. From there, Iran will be occupied to seize all Iranian nuclear sites. The only way to get them all, including the deeply buried ones without use of nuclear bunker busters with all their fallout, is to simply seize them with ground forces and access them for destruction just by taking the stairs.

Even Syria must be nuked, because it is the only way to avoid getting bogged down there en route to Iran.

The neutron bomb, if detonated at altitude, destroys soldiers, not property, meaning no bad PR photos. Just a handful of neutron bombs will be sufficient. Unlike other nuclear weapons, neutron bomb radiation dissipates in a week, allowing Israeli soldiers in a subsequent ground invasion to pass right through the nuked areas to reach the Iranian nuclear facilities, so experts can be brought in to carefully destroy or dismantle them without excessive release of radiation throughout the region. This is the only way.

This will be a destructive war. There will be collateral damage. Had Olmert or Ariel Sharon taken action against Iran when its nuclear program was smaller, the collateral damage would have been less. Thus, by their delay, they, not Israel or the IDF, deserve the moral blame for the collateral damage. History, and perhaps a court of law, will one day judge

History, and perhaps a court of law, will one day judge Olmert for his genocidal tardiness.

Olmert for his genocidal tardiness. But the war against Iran must commence.

Although there will be collateral damage, there are ways to limit it somewhat. I will not overstate this, the main objective is not to show mercy, but to win, to save Israel, Jewish history and the Jewish people from annihilation. But prudence argues that we should do what we can, in planning, to limit the collateral damage in the inevitable Israeli nuclear attack on Iran. Here is how that collateral damage can be limited.

In The Prince (Chapter 3) Machiavelli wrote, "The injury we do to a man must be such that we need not fear his vengeance." There is no way to facilitate an easy invasion of Iran without sowing chaos in the land. A hydrogen bomb on Tehran would do this, at a cost of up to 12 million lives.

Those lives can be saved if, instead, a neutron bomb is detonated over the Alborz Mountains to the north of Tehran. If detonated at the right spot and at the right altitude this would leak into Tehran just enough radiation to cause panic and pandemonium in the city, effectively evacuating the city temporarily and creating chaos across the whole country, making the Israeli ground invasion of Iran much easier.

This would facilitate disruption of the whole country every bit as much as a hydrogen bomb on Tehran and would save 12 million lives. And because the neutron bomb causes no long-term fallout, the city of Tehran could be occupied a week later. Just one neutron bomb on the Alborz Mountains will ensure that the Iranian populace has lost its enthusiasm for jihad. The whole country will be in chaos. Meanwhile, stories in the press of Israeli soldiers desperately marching through nuked areas to reach Tehran and Iranian nuclear facilities will cast them in a heroic light, even though, in fact, those areas will not be radioactive by the time IDF ground forces march through them.

All the government ministries and key national infrastructure are in Tehran. We want to take over those offices. We want to get into the files there in the same way that seizing German files at the end of World War II helped confirm the extent of the Holocaust. We want those Iranian files because they contain vast evidence of Iran's atom bomb program. This evidence will help us fully find and dismantle that program and it will also be proof to the world that Iran's nuclear designs were not peaceful, justifying the whole Israeli nuclear attack on Iran.

Iran's terrorist allies in the region are sure to initiate missile attacks on Israel during this war. This can be limited greatly by dropping leaflets throughout the region warning that what happened to Iran could happen to them if they don't get out.

The Lebanon war employed leaflets and remarkable numbers fled the area in response.

Arabs will see in Israel's nuclear attack on Iran that Israel really means business.

This is a precedent. The evacuation would be far more complete if they thought they'd get nuked, too. This leafleting should be done right after the nuking of Iran in all areas where terrorists threaten to divert the IDF from its Iranian campaign, including Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank and elsewhere: "We know you have missiles. Get out or you're next."

Neutron bombs on these regions can be avoided because, for the first time since 1967, the Arabs will see in Israel's nuclear attack on Iran that Israel really means business and that they had better clear out.

Civilians would eventually be allowed back into those areas if - and only if - they can prove their loyalty to Israel. I realize that Europeans hold pompous posh conventions against this - with their pate, bidet, foie gras, valet, chateau and Malraux - but that's the way the cookie crumbles.