How long can we ignore the truth that is staring us in the face? What political faction is stronger in Israel of 2007 than the radical pro-divorce, anti-family, child-hating, pro-Arab quartet Yechimovich-Gal'on-Beinish-Arbel?

Between them, these four are directly responsible for:

1) the 2000 dismantling of the Lebanon security zone;
2) the 2005 uprooting of the entire Jewish presence in Gaza;
3) the emasculation of Jewish society and its inability to think and behave aggressively; and

These women are more lethal to Israel than Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres.

4) the tearing apart of countless families in Israel because of the militant anti-familists' takeover of the media and court system.

Supreme Court Judge Edna Arbel is a close personal friend of MK Shelly Yechimovich and Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish.

MK Zehava Gal'on dominates the media. She is omnipresent. So is MK Yechimovich. Gal'on is a member of a small left-wing faction. Yechimovich is a freshwoman Knesset member. Neither is ever criticized by the media for their terrible mistakes - if evil deeds purposely carried out can be called that - but even worse, neither is ever attacked by the so-called right-wing in Israel.

Why is this? Is it because they are women? Is it because they are supposedly champions of battered and abused women and children, and thus representative of morality? Is it this false guilt trip that they cast upon the rest of us that is giving them immunity from what they deserve, which is an unceasing and devastating attack from the (so-called) right-wing? There should be a 24/7 demonstration outside Shelly and Zehava's homes.

These women are more lethal to Israel than Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres ever were. They are certainly more powerful than the nebbish Yossi Beilin. Yet, we don't dare mess with them. Why? Are we afraid of them? Is it something in our nation's famous deference to the powerful mother figure - the Yiddisheh Mameh - that prevents us from acting? If so, this is something we need to get over, fast.

Yechimovich was, for more than two decades, the radical left-wing's number one agent in Israel's media. As a dominant IBA radio host, she came to control the radio's agenda and, over time, created a cadre of like-thinking misandrist (man-hating) followers, mostly female, within Israel's media. These troops continue to censor and manipulate what Israel's media shows and does not show, what it plays up and what it ignores, to this day.

Together with her groupie Carmela Menashe, IBA radio's military affairs correspondent (who was previously the radio boss' secretary, and certainly no expert on affairs of the military kind), the two man-haters tore into the Israeli military machine, reduced its image to that of a pile of steaming, sexually hyperactive, good-for-nothing, macho pigs and - amazingly - brought about the withdrawal from Lebanon. The motto adopted for the withdrawal was "bring the children home." That's right, "the children," not even "the boys." Certainly not "our men."

Talk about sick, suicidal galut, misandrist, pacifist matriarchalism, smack dab in the center of the violent, muscle- and testosterone-driven Middle East. No wonder the Muslims around us have woken up. It is almost like we have been begging them to do so.

Arbel was the scary and ruthless Chief Prosecutor when Ariel Sharon was Prime Minister. She waved the sword of criminal proceedings in his face, and he knew she was serious. There is nothing the militant pro-divorce misandrists relish more than the humiliation of a male icon. Ask Lt. Gen. (res.) Itzik Mordechai - they almost killed him. Ask Moshe Katzav and Haim Ramon. So, Sharon came up with the Disengagement, and Arbel refrained from prosecuting him.

By cleverly and fiendishly falsifying and manipulating statistics about violence within the family, Yechimovich, Gal'on and their cadres in academia (the post-Marxist "gender studies" crowd) and media have created an atmosphere of hatred towards the Jewish paterfamilias - the father of the family, the man of the

Pacifist matriarchalism, smack dab in the center of the violent, muscle- and testosterone-driven Middle East.

home. They have taken away his pride and they have taken away his gun license. Who will fear him? What does he have to fight for? The answer to both questions is, "nothing." The Jewish paterfamilias - especially the Sephardic paterfamilias - was the driving force behind the Likud in its heyday, when it expressed Jewish pride and right-wing fighting spirit. When he is turned into a eunuch, the nation is hobbled.

As a result of the 2000 withdrawal, we got Hizbullah on the border and, six years later, we got war. As a result of the stress and fear caused by the Katyusha barrage on the north, there has been a spike in juvenile diabetes among the north's children. Has the Knesset's Children's Rights Committee convened to discuss this matter? No. Has it discussed the effect of the war on children at all? No. Guess who the chairwoman of the committee is? Hint: her name starts with a "Y" and ends with a "-vich."

Now there is something the Winograd Commission won't fix. Neither will the Homesh marchers. Yet, it is the root of all the other problems. Territory, security and pride will not be restored until we come to grips with the issue of family, and wrest it away from the Wicked Witches of the Left. By strengthening the pro-family forces in Israel, and by bringing down the anti-family childhaters, we can heal this nation. There is no shortcut.