New PA Government Will Not Recognize Israel
21:44Feb 10, '07/ 22 Shevat 5767

The warring Hamas and Fatah terrorist groups in control of the PA... reached an agreement on Thursday night in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.... [H]owever, Hamas spokesmen made it clear that the new understandings implied no recognition of the State of Israelwhatsoever.
Well, well, well. What do you know? Surprise! Fatah joined with Hamas and they won't recognize Israel's right to exist. In other words, please correct me if I'm wrong, the new Palestinian Authority government (which is really the same garbage in a different colored waste basket) will continue its endeavors to wipe out Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. And here I was thinking, hoping, wishing, imagining and dreaming that the Arafat-clone, Holocaust denier Abu Mazen had changed his colors.

Where's the demand that this same murdering gang of terrorists, kidnappers, arsonists, rapists and thieves, killers of men, women and children, cease to exist?

Didn't Prime Minister Ehud Olmert very recently plant a big kiss on this murderer's face in a gesture of goodwill? Just ask, Abu Mazen, ask and you shall get. Was that kiss for naught, a waste? Here I was, buying into the illusion built for us by Shimon Peres and Amir Peretz and Olmert that a new era (once again) is about to settle on the Middle East. And when news leaked out from Mecca, where the Saudis (the terror sponsoring country) had ordered the two warring factions to talks on stopping the internal warfare, the media was aglow with anticipation that Hamas will change its color. But killing Jews is a priority and Islam's pleasure.

Now what? Where does this lead us? Isn't it time for Israel to understand that the PA has long declared war on Israel and there is nothing that will change that goal? Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad - the names change, but never the faces.

Hamas is the terror-party elected to the PA government, right? As such, the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit is the act of a foreign government violating the borders of its neighbor. In every other country, this constitutes a declaration of war against the neighboring country and will elicit a tough armed reaction designed to stop the belligerent country from carrying out further plans against its neighbor. But instead of pursuing the Hamas until its total destruction, Israel initiated a limited, slap-on-the-wrist military campaign and has since settled into its routine of discussing a prisoner exchange. Logical?

First of all, will someone please explain the following sick phenomenon? Is there any logic for a country to get on its knees and grovel at the feet of its sworn enemies, begging for recognition that this state has the "right to exist"? The bile rises and chokes me every time I hear another empty-headed Israeli politician beg for Hamas recognition of Israel's right to exist. A terrorist, blood-thirsty gang of murderers is being urged to give its tacit stamp of approval to a vibrant, lively nation of millions. Isn't this insanity?

Where's the demand that this same murdering gang of terrorists, kidnappers, arsonists, rapists and thieves, killers of men, women and children, cease to exist? They are sworn to eradicate Israel and exterminate every Jew. Read their charter. Read the charter of any of the Palestinian terror organizations. Listen to the imams' Friday speeches in the mosques. Listen, read and internalize their explicit intentions of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

And we need their recognition? We are here, darn it. And either they learn to live with that fact or we'll attack and attack and attack and destroy and obliterate and wipe them off the map. They either stop the atrocities or the consequences will change them beyond recognition. What is Israel waiting for?

What is wrong with us Jews? When will we learn that when someone says he intends to obliterate Israel and kill the Jews, he means exactly that? Our history is full of such people who spoke what they meant, meant what they said, and moved forward to implement the essence of all of those rabid speeches. Don't we hear what Islamists are saying about the Koran admonishing its adherents to kill and murder every Jew? Every Jew!

When will we learn that the enemy is the enemy is the enemy? Which other country, pray tell, would allow its citizens to leave in constant fear while protecting the enemy population from harmful retaliation?

They are shooting, bombarding and sending homicide bombers, but Israel is sticking to a sham of a cease-fire and refuses to retaliate. They kill indiscriminately, anywhere and anytime. Yet, Israel needs to conduct its limited retaliation in such a manner that no innocents (innocents?) are harmed. Aren't our children, women, old people and young also innocent? I can fully understand the enemy when it makes a distinction between theirs and ours. But for our leaders to support that distinction is an outrage, don't you think?

Arab Knesset members are allowed to incite the Arab world against the same country that gives them the freedom to do exactly that. The Supreme Court pussy-foots around the issue and the defense minister is determined to destroy the settlers - instead of those who swore to destroy him together with the settlers. They infiltrate Israel's borders to abduct and kill and our prime minister has the unmitigated gall to apologize because Israel's alert soldiers sent some of these murderers to meet their blood-thirsty Allah before they were able to perpetrate the atrocity they were sent to carry out. Do you understand this?

But we don't have time to contemplate that, do we? How can we, when Israel's government has been hijacked by the most corrupt-indicted-charged-convicted bunch of thieves ever assembled under one governmental roof? And this assembly of fools will continue to do what it has done best, namely, capitulate, surrender and destroy whatever good there still remains. The government in power is corrupt to the core, and the thievery and dishonesty is second only to the sleaze and bribery that oozes from every pore.
When a prime minister carries out the most horrendous expulsion of Jews since the forced marches of Jews in Nazi Europe, only to prevent his own indictment and that of his sons, we think we've hit moral bottom. When we witness the conniving and corrupt impostor prime minister treat the country as if it was his own private fiefdom, we realize the bottom is much lower then we thought.

In order to receive that foolishly coveted stamp of recognition, Israel destroyed the settlements, expelled their inhabitants, allowed the marauders to desecrate, burn and destroy dozens of beautiful synagogues, surrendered Gaza to the terror groups, abandoned the Philadelphi Corridor, allowed foreign troops to sit on its borders, permitted heavily armed Egyptian troops to re-enter the non-militarized area of the Sinai desert and - the list of unforgiven criminal follies implemented by Israel's yellow-bellied leaders can fill volumes.

When will we learn that the enemy is the enemy is the enemy?

And why should Hamas grant Israel that elusive recognition? Just look at what is going on in the midst of all this. While our cities are bombarded without stop, Israel's prime minister is busy conducting 'secret' meetings with Abu Mazen for the surrender of the rest of Judea and Samaria. Why? Has it anything to do, perhaps, with a desperate desire to deflect the corruption charges against him? Is it the same strategy implemented by Ariel Sharon in order to save his own skin? Willing to bet?

If I was the head of the Hamas, I wouldn't see any reason for recognition. Give Israel enough time and there will no longer be a need for recognition.

Hello? Is anybody home?