Olmert: Israeli and Western Nukes ?No Comparison? to Iran

23:00 Dec 11, '06 / 20 Kislev 5767

by Hana Levi Julian

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert broke 40 years of ambiguity about Israel?s nuclear capabilities on Monday in an interview with German TV.


In an unprecedented admission, the Prime Minister included Israel in a list of countries which have already acquired nuclear weapons. Until now, Israel has maintained a deliberately ambiguous stance regarding its nuclear capabilities.Needless to say, the pretender to the throne has a problem in holding his innards in embarrassing moments. He?s done it before and will do so again until his term as the bumbling idiot comes to an end. Not soon enough.

However, now that the ?cat is out of the bag,? so to speak, Israel needs to take advantage of the revelation and directly address Iran, Syria and other ?peace-loving? countries whose goal is the destruction of Israel. In an imaginary news conference, the following is what the world needs to hear Mr. Olmert say.


I?ll make this very short and to the point. No questions are going to be fielded after the announcement I have to make.

I?m standing here now in order to bring things into proper focus and make you aware of the following:

Yes. Israel has the nuclear capabilities of wiping half the world off the map. Yes, we do. However, as a democratic country, we never did and we never will threaten those who do not threaten us. We have no intention of ever using this power in order to intimidate any one. Having said that, let me issue the following warning.

We are sick and tired of murderers and despotic governments issuing threats against us on a daily basis. The world has heard the lunatic ravings of the madman from Tehran and his sniveling puppies. The world heard clearly that the Hitler from Iran stated time and time again that he will wipe Israel off the map. Had it been Israel issuing those threats, the UN would have seen to it that the Security Council and the General Assembly would condemn her in the harshest possible wording. The Quartet, the European Union, Russia, China and every other country would fall into quick step, chasing each other in the rush to condemn us. And that is how it ought to be, if Israel were to threaten another member of the United Nations. Yet, hardly a whimper of protest is heard; the feeble admonishment died quickly in the whisper of silence, lest Iran vow vengeance against those who may have protested its criminal statements.

But we are used to the double standard employed against our country ever since it?s creation. We don?t expect anything better; just look at who sits on the UN Human Rights Commission and other ?esteemed? committees dedicated to peace in the world. I don?t need to elaborate, the picture is perfectly clear and the mosaic fits perfectly. Despots, dictatorships, absolute monarchies and demagogue nations sit in judgment of those countries to whom liberty and justice is of supreme importance. Absolute cynicism and the pursuit of evil drive them onward in their pursuit to destroy, to subjugate and to enslave.

But enough is enough. The Massada story is ancient history. It will not be repeated. So, listen up and pay close attention. I will not repeat it again. After these words, only action will follow.

I issue here a warning that should not be interpreted in any other way except the way it?s being delivered.

Mr. Ahmadinejad: You want to play Hitler? Fine. We, Jews, had no choice with the first one. This time around, we?ll be the ones doing the incinerating and you will be the first. You either lay off your hell-bent ambitions for a nuclear weapon or Israel will put an end to you and your government of fanatic, terror-spreading Islamofascists.

So, hear me clearly, Mr. Ahmadinejad, this is not a threat. This is a promise. Israel is determined to stop your ugly ambitions, wipe that stupid smirk off your ugly face and send you to hell. The world wants to continue to talk and appease and negotiate? That?s their prerogative. We, on the other hand, have had our fill with genocidal-bigots and hate-mongers like you who get drunk at the sight of blood. If your Allah is as bloodthirsty as you make him out to be, then he?ll be more than satiated with a few million of his blood-thirsty adherents.

Israel is coming after you. Your time is up, Mr. Hate-Monger. We?ll choose the date.

Syria? Are you listening?