That was Borat, not Jimmy Carter, who urged a crowd of lounge lizards in Tucson to join him in singing, "Throw the Jew Down the Well."

Carter has the same message, but (without the spoof) his narrative comes in a book that's just being released and is titled Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

Apparently the written word is not enough, so Carter has taken his grudge against Israel on tour. There he is with his brotherhood on National Public Radio, NPR, where Israel-bashing is always welcome; and here he is on C-Span; and he keeps on going and won't stop until he's got us all signing up for Holocaust Part 2.

Historians tell us that Pharaoh was the first to stir up the multitudes against the Jews, and we have it from Scripture that a new Pharaoh will arise to torment us from generation to generation. Carter knows his Bible and the part where Pharaoh says: "Come, let us deal craftily with this people."

So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz has already ripped Carter's book by chapter and verse, so that's the place to go, Dershowitz, to find point-by-point where Carter turns history on its head, truth inside out. That's where we find exactly how Carter casts five and half million Israelis as villains against 300 million peace-loving Arabs.

Carter embraces Hamas, which openly calls for the destruction of Israel, and Carter reminds us that the Israelis never want peace, never make concessions. The fact that Israel gave up the Sinai and more recently gave up Gaza - well, all that makes no difference once you've got your mind made up and your heart is brimming with hostility, hatred and bigotry.

The credit for peace, by Carter's definition, goes to someone like a 67-year-old grandmother who blows herself up on a suicide mission and is then cheered by her family, friends and neighbors. Checkpoints to stop such behavior are, in Carter's terminology, "apartheid." Along the TV and speaking circuits, Carter seldom misses a chance to inventory his grievances against the Jewish State and to promote his Mein Kampf, his struggle to enlist the rest of us in joining his campaign to blow down the single house the Jews built to spare themselves further pogroms and genocides.

Carter's Protocols have already, and quickly, found enough readers to make it a best-seller. But Professor Kenneth W. Stein is not buying. Stein, an associate of Carter's for some 23 years, has now disassociated himself from Carter, citing the book's "factual errors" and "glaring omissions" and "invented segments." Stein adds that the book's "one-sided nature" is "meant to provoke."

For some time, word circulated about a certain ex-president who actually helped Yasser Arafat write his speeches in order to polish that mass murderer into a more presentable figure for the American people. Americans couldn't stomach Arafat's own kampf to "drive the Jews into the sea," so Jimmy Carter, it was said, changed that - only the words, not the intent - to, "We want peace."

Many of us found that hard to believe about an ex-president "who builds homes," and it is still difficult to prove, but now, with this book, we can believe anything. The unintended subliminal message from the pages of this updated Mein Kampf is that, with people like Jimmy Carter on the prowl, the need for a strong Israel, supported by righteous Jews and true Christians, is more urgent than ever.

That we Americans survived a man like this as president says much for the strength of our country. Yes, we survived and so will Israel.

If you can't read Carter's book, read his lips, as I did on C-Span.

The man is an anti-Semite.

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