So, let us see if we have this straight. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is outraged that a Russian millionaire paid for the vacations to Eilat for residents of Sderot because such vacations were, in Olmert's "mind," escapism, fleeing from the front, and abandoning their homes in the face of terrorism.

Of course, all of Olmert's "doctrine," if that is the correct word, is based on fleeing before terrorists and abandoning Jewish homes in acts of capitulation. First, we had the flight from Gaza, in which Olmert and his friends ordered the entire Jewish population of the Gaza Strip to be forcibly removed as an act of capitulation to terrorism. That flight of cowardice produced the thousands of Kassam rockets now landing on Sderot. So, when Sderot residents "flee" to Eilat, they are simply trying to get away from the rockets brought down upon them by Olmert's own fleeing from Gaza.

Then there is Olmert's still-operative grand plan to repeat the cowardly flight out of Gaza in the West Bank, so that thousands more rockets can be fired out of the West Bank into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

And finally, there was Olmert's cowardly flight out of the area of southern Lebanon that Israel took this past summer, a flight of cowardice that simply makes the next war with the Hizbullah a matter of time. (OK, I admit it, I was off. I had predicted the next war would take place this past Succot. Like the famous obituary about Mark Twain, I was just a little premature.)

Until then, over the past few months, the cause celebre of Israel's ultra-leftists is battling against the construction of Israel's security wall near the city of Modi'in. The wall passes, in part, through lands belonging to Palestinians in the town of Bil'in, on which some olive trees stand. The ultras are outraged. How dare Israel place the lives of Jewish children ahead of Palestinian olive harvesting?

The ultras label the wall "the Apartheid Wall" because the wall makes it harder for the Palestinian terrorists whom Israeli ultra-leftists support to carry out mass murders of Jewish children. Several soldiers and policemen have been seriously injured by the ultras in Bil'in. Some of those demonstrating are anarcho-fascist "solidarity" protesters who came into the country from abroad.

The ultras have been violently attacking police and soldiers guarding the wall and the construction crews for many months. At least one Tel Aviv University professor, Anat Matar, was arrested for such hooliganism there.

But if you think that I am unkindly exaggerating about the true agenda of the protesters against the "Apartheid Wall," then allow me to introduce you to one of the regulars there. Ronni Barkan is an Israeli pro-terrorist. Barkan, who has refused to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), spends his nice warm sunny afternoons attacking police and soldiers guarding the wall.

Barkan is quoted in the Jerusalem Report of November 13, 2006 as saying: "In fact, blowing up a bus is far more legitimate than serving in the IDF."

Now, I am wondering what all of you think about Barkan's idea. Do you think that we should load him and his Bil'in protesting comrades onto a bus and conduct an experiment in applied physics?