Quick, name the only country on earth where loyalty and patriotism to that country are regarded by that country's own legislature as a form of racism.

Well, if you said "Israel," you win two points and a two-for-one coupon to Wonderland.

The Knesset this week rejected a proposed law that would require people to sign a loyalty oath in order to vote for or sit in the parliament of Israel. The proposal was the initiative of the National Union party.

The Left has been denouncing the proposal for a "loyalty oath" as yet another form of blatant Jewish racism against Arabs. After all, we all know that many Israeli Arabs - and also many Arab members of Israel's parliament - are disloyal enemies of their own country, seeking its destruction and cheering on genocidal terrorists. Knesset Member Azmi Bishara is perhaps the most open about it, but lots of others, including many Arab students enjoying subsidized classes at state-financed universities, hold exactly the same political positions. So, clearly, asking such people to sign a loyalty oath before allowing them into the voting booths or the Knesset restrooms would violate their delicate sensitivities and offend their sense of being as "The Other".

The majority of Jewish Knesset members agreed that it would be racist to ask voters to swear allegiance to their own country. Really.

"Racism," in general, is suddenly all the concern of the Left this week. In the past few days, there have been negotiations between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's people and Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party to see if the latter will join the coalition. That triggered soiled panties among hordes of Israel's Caring Left. Among the folks who regard Lieberman as a racist are open anti-Semites, cheerleaders for terror, fans of Holocaust Deniers, supporters of Iran, and people who openly demand that Israel be destroyed.

There is a solution to the problem of the existence of Israel that is once again being raised by Israel's Caring Left: the Rwanda solution. Indeed, it is the theme of a long Op-Ed this week in Haaretz, the only Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew.

The Rwanda solution is the one in which Israel would cease to exist at all, and instead would be folded into a new state with an Arab majority, covering all of Israel and "Palestine" west of the Jordan river, governed by a democratic secular regime composed of genocidal Hamas and Jihad terrorists. That new state would then solve all remaining demographic issues the same way such issues were dealt with in Rwanda.

The Rwanda solution, known by the Caring Left as the "One-State Solution" (and no, by that they do not mean that all "Palestinian" or Israeli Arabs be invited, Rabbi Kahane-style, to move to some of those 22 Arab countries), is being openly touted in Haaretz. Today's call for the annihilation of Israel comes from one Aharon Amir (available only in Hebrew, at http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/spages/776846.html).

Amir is a member of the Israeli Literary Left, and once got the Israel Prize for translation. He was a leader in the so-called "Canaanite" movement, a flaky 1950s movement of Jewish "intellectuals" who wanted to see a new non-Jewish Israeli emerge, a new "nationality" that would transcend Jewishness and Arabness, and so guarantee peace. You will not be surprised to hear that the movement never had any Arab members, and that fact, in and of itself, explains why its "ideas" were absurd.

Curiously, Amir was a member of a group in the 1970s that wanted to annex the "occupied territories," but not out of Zionist zealotry; rather, it was out of anti-Zionist determination to see Israeli Jewishness drowned out, producing those nice new mongrel "Canaanites".

Here is a sample, in English, of what "Canaanitism" is all about: http://www.azure.org.il/magazine/magazine.asp?id=93&search_text=; and also https://ofakim.secured.co.il/zope/home/en/1119245649/1119245922_en. His article in Haaretz has pretty much the same agenda in mind.

He is so wacky that he is even celebrated on the official web site of the Israeli Ministry of Education.