In the Wednesday, September 6th edition of Haaretz, there is an ad with a petition placed by a group calling itself Gisha or "Accessibility". The ad includes the signatures of 200 lecturers and professors from Israeli academia (and some PhDs not in academia), demanding that the Israeli government stop preventing Palestinians from the Gaza Strip moving freely to the West Bank for purposes of studying and attending classes. The signatures include many of the familiar extremist Israel-haters and "post-Zionists" in Israeli academia, plus some fellow travelers.

What are we to make of this call?

Seemingly, it is all innocent enough. These do-gooders and bleeding hearts just want Gaza students to be able to go attend classes in the West Bank. Indeed, all is subject to appropriate security arrangements, they add explicitly in the petition.

Except for a few things.

First of all, Gaza students are not being allowed to go study in West Bank "universities" (those "universities" by the way spend far more time in teaching bomb making and Holocaust Denial than neoclassical economics or mathematics) for one simple reason. As long as the Hamas in Gaza is holding the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit hostage and firing rockets at Negev civilians every day, Gaza Palestinians are not being permitted to go about their lives and routines as usual. Until the kidnapped soldier is returned unharmed and the rocket attacks stopped, as far as Israel is concerned, all of Gaza is under figurative house arrest. (I personally think they should be literally under house arrest, confined to their homes.)

The "academics" signing the petition are all pretending they do not understand why the Gaza students are not being allowed to go about their student lives, business as usual. Indeed, the very demand by these people to allow the students free movement and "accessibility" to the West Bank schools is tantamount to a demand that Israel capitulate and stop all forms of anti-terror action in Gaza, even non-violent "sanctions" against the terrorists, such as blocking the movement from Gaza to the West Bank. In addition, there is fear that in the guise of "free movement" terrorists, and maybe even the kidnapped soldier, will be moved.

In other words, here we have 200 "academics" demanding that Israel abandon all attempts, other than total capitulation to terrorism, at getting the kidnapped soldier released.

These same bleeding hearts and do-gooders are also noteworthy in what they do not demand in the same petition. They do not demand the release of the kidnapped soldier, nor the end to Kassam and Katyusha attacks on Israel, which is all that would be needed to get the travel ban lifted, allowing all those nice students to go attend West Bank classes. The signers do not include a proposal that maybe Gaza students be sent to Egypt or Sudan or Iraq as a substitute for studying in Nablus.

The signers have nothing to say about the academic apartheid in the West Bank, whereby no Jewish students may study at any of the "Palestinian" schools there; unlike the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel, in the West Bank, where Palestinian students are welcomed. No Jew would be admitted to a Palestinian "university" and anyone showing up would be lynched. That does not bother the signers. Nor does the frequent participation of Palestinian "students" in terror atrocities, including suicide bombings.

So, the anguish of the 200 academic signers of the petition is highly restricted and selective.

Meanwhile, a second petition appears in the same issue of Haaretz. It is a demand for Israel to completely release and end surveillance on convicted spy and traitor Mordechai Vanunu, who tried to disclose Israeli nuclear secrets. It is signed by communists, anti-Semites and Israel-bashers from all over the world. But it also includes some signatures by Israelis. At the top of the list is Professor Moshe Zimmerman, that post-Zionist history prof from Hebrew University, best known for saying that children of Jewish settlers are Hitler Jugend.

By the way, also among the signers is the American Friends Service Committee, the political SWAT team of the "Friends" or Quakers. You know, those nice people who call one another "Thou" rather than "youse". It reminded me of an anti-AFSC protest I attended back in the 1960s (the AFSC has been anti-Israel and pro-terror for decades), in which we all carried signs reading "AFSC - Up Thine!"