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Assumption 8: Relying on Miracles

We all expected a miracle. This is what some rabbis promised. And, after all the personal miracles, isn't it natural that we should also merit a national miracle?

If we desire life, we should stop relying on miracles. The Almighty isn't in our service, but rather, we are in His. The conditions of employment are the laws of reality. We mustn't rely on miracles or wonders, or think that astrologists will save us. Instead, we must work endlessly with full belief in the path of the Torah and in the justness of our ways.

Assumption 9: The IDF

Israeli society has been built on the ethos of security. "Don't attack the IDF," cried Ariel Sharon, the hero, "attack me." Sharon's advisors employed the security ethos with great cunning against the settlers, who naturally fell into the trap and hugged the people's army that came to destroy them.

The IDF is not the people's army. The IDF, the General Security Services (GSS) and the police are the military arm of the "enlightened" elite. The path leading to the senior ranks passes through stringent political filtering. Those who don't belong to the correct side, or haven't succeeding in convincing that they have gone over to the correct side, won't receive promotion. Today, after the expulsion, the filtering process begins in officers' training.

When the Left disobeys orders, it is acceptable and received with a wink of approval. (Attorney General Menachem Mazuz "understands" such people, and approves centrally placed billboards calling for refusal to serve in the territories.)

But when the enemy (the settlers) refuses to obey orders, this is defined as treason (naturally, with the generous help of the Religious Zionist rabbis).

One of the beliefs that collapsed was that the IDF wouldn't perpetrate this crime. Many people (including me) thought that people with a Jewish heart wouldn't be willing to drag their brethren out of their homes. But the IDF of 2005 is an army without a soul. It is a professional, efficient and heartless army.

The fact that no senior officer resigned, as did the Leftist armored brigade commander Eli Geva, opposite the enemy in Beirut, is a terrible indictment against the IDF in general and against the Religious Zionist public, whose senior officers took part in the expulsion, in particular.

The fact that the IDF carried out the task without encountering significant refusal to obey orders has destroyed the army. The IDF after the expulsion is an immoral army, lacking a soul, and will inevitably be defeated when facing any leaf blowing in the wind. Half the IDF's infantry and crack units are religious. This is its source of strength. But most of these religious soldiers participated in one of the circles of the crime, under the orders of their rabbis. It is important to understand: the reality that cannot be concealed is that Gush Katif and northern Samaria were not destroyed by mortar shells and Arab terror, but by the IDF.

Should we continue to send our sons to the army? Or should we direct the youngsters to other channels of self-realization, even if they don't exactly conform to the Zionist ethos?

If we desire life, we must clarify for ourselves, without deceit, our reciprocal relations with the IDF.

Assumption 10: The Jewish Nation ("A Jew Doesn't Expel a Jew")

Most of the soldiers and policemen who came to evict me from Shirat Hayam seemed to be good people. By and large, the dirty work is always carried out for the enlightened elite by the general Jewish nation -- the Likudniks. I spoke with them and they cried, but afterwards, they evicted me from there "with sensitivity and determination."

I believe that if they had been given an order to shoot me, they would have done so with the same sensitivity and determination. They wore on their chests the flag and symbol of the State. The flag even appeared on their caps. I thought of the three monkeys: the flag had been used to cover their eyes, ears and mouths -- to block all signs of humanity and understanding.

In Shirat Hayam, I understood that I could no longer accuse any individual Wehrmacht soldier. How can you compare the brain-washing undergone by these good Jews with that undergone by the Wehrmacht soldiers (not to speak of the punishment likely to be meted out to those who refused to obey orders)?

But it wasn't the punishment that prevented the soldiers from disobeying the order. They had actually become mentally enslaved, and had been programmed to execute every kind of abomination. It appears that when the State uses all its means to enslave the average citizen, only a few individuals are capable of preserving their human values and resisting.

How could we think that a Jew wouldn't expel a Jew? Have we learned nothing from the commanders of the Gulags, many of whom were Jews, from all the kapos, and all the others who sold their souls to the Devil? Even Moses was betrayed to Pharaoh by a Jew whom he had rescued from an Egyptian. A Jew who has no G-d, a Jew who has chosen other gods (for example, the State), will expel, torture, betray and kill another Jew.

On the other hand, an activist who had already spent two days in one of the useless demonstrations organized by the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council felt that he could do no more. The heat and dust had broken his spirit and he was in despair. He entered a nearby apartment building in Ofakim and knocked on the first door he found.

"I'm here with the demonstration," he said. "I've been here for two days already in the heat and dust and would like to ask of you a favor. If you refuse I will understand. Could I take a shower?"

"Please come in," replied the woman. "There's only one small problem -- there are three people waiting before you. Please take a seat. I've got to go shopping, here's the key...."

The same soldiers and policemen who received the order will build the Temple -- without tears, and with joy. The Children of Israel in the wilderness were equally as ready to contribute to the Tabernacle as they were to contribute to the Golden Calf.

If we desire life, we must free ourselves of the need to serve the enlightened elite and join forces with our real partner -- the woman from Ofakim. If we succeed, our victory is guaranteed.

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