A case against the "disengagement" can be easily made based solely on safety and security considerations.

Disengagement will advance terrorism rather than peace. If the Palestinian Authority/PLO gets territory in return for terrorism, then it sets a shining example for other Arab/Islamist nations to exact and extract political concessions through terrorism, rather than via a peaceful negotiation process with Israel. It sets a very dangerous precedent.

The plan for unilateral "disengagement" or "withdrawal" fuels political pressure through violence. A reward for the support of terrorism will transform Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (including Ben-Gurion Airport) Haifa, Netanya, Afula, Ashdod, Ashekelon and other major centers into targets in missile range of a future state of terrorism.

Already, the "disengagement" from southern Lebanon has proven disastrous, as Hizbullah now has a launching point for missiles that can destroy major population centers in Israel.

The July 2000 "disengagement" from Israel's security buffer zone in southern Lebanon has propelled Hizbullah from local to regional stature. The proximity of this terrorist organization plagues US troops with Arab/Islamist terrorism.

The Oslo-driven "disengagements" ignited an unprecedented wave of Arab terrorism. Each and every square inch added to the PA/PLO since 1994 has become part of the largest terrorist base in the world, a safe haven for Arab/Islamist terrorists, under the control and domination of the Iran-Syrian axis of evil.

Israel has not controlled the Arabs living in Gaza since the "disengagement" of the 1994 Oslo Accords. The PA/PLO controls and dominates the territory, together with its sister terrorist organizations - Hamas, Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad - working hand in hand in towards the annihilation of the only Jewish nation state in the entire world.

"Disengagement" from Gush Katif and Samaria has symptoms similar to those of the failed Oslo Accords. It is land-for-terrorism. Nothing less. Nothing more. Israel is getting nothing in return for its unholy agreement to carry out self-destruction, erroneously called withdrawal. Withdrawal is weakness and a willingness to self-destruct, as seen through the eyes of the Arabs/Islamists.

"Disengagement" is a complete setback for deterrence, intelligence gathering and pursuit of peace. In other words, the plan is a bottomless keg - militarily, diplomatically and economically.

"Disengagement" would not be financed by the US. It will increase the budget deficit, prevent economic recovery, worsen unemployment, increase taxes, impose government bonds, cut human services and infrastructure expenditures, and much, much more.

Israel and the Jewish people better beware of US President George Bush's call for a total freeze of all so-called "settlements" (derisively portrayed as gypsies living in tents) and Condoleezza Rice's call for a contiguous Arab "Palestine" (according to the Balfour Declaration all Palestine was to be a Jewish homeland and the British Mandate gave away 80% to the Arabs in the created Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, formerly Transjordan). Bush's comment "that any final status agreement [including the 'right of return'] will only be achieved on the basis of mutually agreed changes" is deceptive and fraudulent. Bush's refusal to finance the disengagement confirms that disengagement will not produce any benefit for America, nor for Israel. His friendly statements were not legislated and ratified by Congress, which merely passed a non-binding resolution.

Bush's recent offer to fund the PA/PLO with $50 million worth of US taxpayer money also sends a mixed message to the medieval Middle East, comprised already of 22 Arab/Islamist corrupt dictatorships, human rights violators, ruthless repressive regimes, and state sponsors of terrorism. Israel is the only Jewish nation-state in the entire world, and the only beacon of freedom and democracy, as well as the only true-blue American ally in the entire region. Why create a second Arab "Palestine" and a twenty-third state sponsor of terrorism and tyranny?

Is a terrorist a terrorist? What about Mahmoud Abbas, "Chief" of the PA/PLO and "Mr. Moderate"? As Yasser Arafat's partner in organized crime for over forty years, the Holocaust denier and financier of the Munich Olympics massacre has not changed his spots. He simply has a more palatable image than Arafat, with a better barber and a more stylish suit. Make no mistake; Mahmoud is a cold-blooded murderer and terrorist.

While Middle East peace has been driven by deterrence, "disengagement" guarantees destruction and undermines deterrence.

Disengment is destructive. Disengagement is dishonest. Disengagement is disastrous.