* Thugs storm campaign headquarters, intimidating staffers and refusing to leave.

* Campaign signs are vandalized, stolen, and set on fire in front of peoples' homes.

* The word "Nazi" is spray painted on the sidewalk in front of a home, along with swastikas.

* Shots are fired through the window of campaign headquarters.

* An eight-foot swastika is burned into a home's front lawn.

If these incidents sound reminiscent of Nazi Germany or the Ku Klux Klan's early rampages, then you're in for a surprise, because they all took place in modern day America, during the run-up to the 2004 presidential election. And instead of Nazis and the KKK, it's the leftist minions who are the perpetrators this time around. In a classic case of projection, they use swastikas to smear their political adversaries, when it is in fact they who have become today's Nazis.

Like so much of America's leftist "cultural heritage", this Nazi-obsession can be traced back to the 1960s. An Australian relative of mine who arrived in America during the so-called Summer of Love, was shocked to hear people using the term "Nazi" on a daily basis. The government, the police and even parents were labeled "fascists" and "Nazis" by hippie youth rebelling against any and all authority.

Years later, not much has changed. Today it's hip on the Left to label Republicans and in particular President Bush "Nazis" at every turn. Bush is routinely compared to Adolph Hitler, most famously in an ad put out by MoveOn.org earlier this year. Hitler mustaches superimposed on Bush photos are popular at anti-war rallies, as are cute little Bush/Hitler dolls. Al Gore's notorious "digital Brown Shirts" comment during a speech at the Georgetown University Law Center implied that the Bush Administration exerted some kind of diabolical control over online journalism. Indeed, such allusions are so widespread that numerous articles and websites have been devoted to chronicling them.

Trying to explain the "logic" behind this bizarre association, one of the teenagers arrested for spray painting swastikas on a Bush/Cheney supporter's property in Duluth, Minnesota said, "The connection between the Nazi party was Hitler used nationalism as a way to motivate his cause and we feel that Bush is doing the same thing." Having been brainwashed by years of moral relativism, such youth are apparently unable to distinguish between patriotism and fascism. They also have a distorted view of their own behavior. As the same young man put it, "We're anti-fascist."

Leftist Jew-haters joined the crowd when they decided to start smearing Israel with the stain of Nazism. Despite the cruel irony of affixing the symbol of Jewish annihilation to a Jewish state, leftists have taken to this tactic with enthusiasm. Swastikas are now featured prominently at anti-war rallies, usually in combination with a Star of David. Along these lines, Israeli flags are routinely defiled by replacing the Star of David with a swastika. And now that these rallies have been infiltrated by various Islamist groups ? with their Palestinian flags, Hamas-style chants, and subtle signs saying "Kill the Jews", among others ? the sea of swastikas fits perfectly.

Similarly over the top are the accusations leveled against political foes in general these days. It is now common to label opponents "hateful" or "filled with hate." Apparently, "hate" now describes anyone who holds a political viewpoint contrary to one's own. All this hysteria has the unfortunate effect of trivializing history and depleting language of meaning.

At the end of the day, the simple fact is that the only people in America today (aside from a few neo-Nazis) running around spray painting, burning and affixing swastikas are leftists. In an effort to point out what they see as the fascistic impulses of the right, they have in effect become the Nazis they claim to oppose. Faced with a popular president, the momentum of history, and their own lust for power, the Left has resorted to the tactics of fascism: harassment, intimidation, and violence. Lord only knows what they'll do if Bush wins the presidency come November, but you can be sure it will involve swastikas.