We live in a topsy turvy world today. A mad, mad, mad world!

Where?s the justice?

Israeli Justice Minister Yosef ?Tommy? Lapid accused Jewish settlers of leading Israel astray. ?Although Israel is a democracy, it is being led by a handful of people from Judea, Samaria and Gaza that is itself a minority among settlers,? Lapid told a national security conference in Herzliya. ?They dream of transferring the Palestinians over the Jordan River, which is not only barbaric but also impracticable.? So-called right-wingers (actually right in faith and intellect) in Israel have frequently accused Lapid of attacking settlers as part of his Shinui Party?s aggressively secularist stance.

Is it better to transfer Arabs who claim to be "Palestinians", the majority of whose ancestry is from Egypt, Jordan and Syria, or Jews? Why should Jews be allowed to live in Hebron, New York, USA, and not in Hebron, Israel, where the patriarchs and matriarchs are buried in the Tomb of Machpeleh? Can you answer this question please?

A liberal Israeli lawmaker called Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a fascist for saying Arab citizens threaten the Jewish state. ?We have seen the dream of anti-Semites worldwide realized ? a Hebrew Jorg Haider, a Hebrew Le Pen,? said the Meretz Party?s Yossi Sarid, referring to the notorious Austrian and French ultra-nationalists. Netanyahu stirred controversy by telling a blue-ribbon national security conference in Herzliya that stepped-up Jewish immigration was needed to counter the demographic threat to the Jewish state presented by natural population growth among Israeli Arabs.

Yossi Beilin, a failed politico, took an act of treason in his baggage to Geneva, Switzerland. Beilin was acting behind the back of the elected government of Israel to promote an unauthorized ?peace plan? as if was an ?official? and legitimate negotiation.

The Israeli Attorney General investigates Arutz Sheva, Israel National News, and attempts to repress and suppress freedom of speech in a popular media that honestly reports facts and truth as the Israeli voice of reason, sanity and truth. The same Attorney General does not investigate the political propaganda spread in the Palestinian Authority?s state-controlled media, which promotes hatred, incitement, violence and terrorism. Adding insult to injury, the Israeli Supreme Court rules in favor of allowing the screening of Jenin Jenin in a decision than can only be viewed as truly obscene.

It is one thing to face anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic sentiments from the outside world. But it is quite another story to face self-destruction from within our own people and ranks. Especially from those sworn to protect us as our leaders.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert are willing to give up so-called "settlements" and "transfer" Jews from their ancient, biblical and modern homeland, given by G-d as gift to the Children of Israel as part and parcel of the Holy Land or "Promised Land" - Gaza Judea and Samaria - including our biblical cities such as Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Efrat, Shechem (wrongly called Nablus today) and Shiloh - in a unilateral move to reward a campaign of Arab terrorism against our people.

As comedian Jackie Mason loves to say in his comedy routine, ?Can you explain this?? But this is absolutely no joke.

It is one thing to face anti-Israeli, anti Jewish, anti-Semitic sentiments from the outside world, but it is quite another to face our destruction from within. The Arab world is bent on our destruction. We must think clearly. We are one family. One very small family. It is time we understood that fact and unite. The time to unite is right now. The Arab world is counting on dissension as part of an overall ?divide and conquer? strategy.

Fortunately, and sometimes unfortunately, we are different from our Arab cousins, who speak with one voice, sing one song and dance only one dance: The annihilation and destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

Ahavat Israel! Klal Yisrael!

United, we stand! Divided, we fall!