Am I my brother?s keeper?

One is responsible for one?s brother according to our Jewish tradition. We can surely not abandon our Israeli brethren no matter where they are? Argentina? Ethiopia... France... Kenya? Russia... Uganda, and especially the disputed territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Especially the latter, which is the ancient biblical and original land of the Children of Israel.

This land is Holy Land and an essential part of Israel for many reasons. Some of the ancient Biblical Jewish Holy Land includes the cities of Bet Lehem (today called by Bethlehem), Efrat, Hebron, Shechem (wrongly called Nablus today) and Shiloh. This is where our people originally lived for thousands of years, before various conquerors and "occupiers" forced many of us to leave.

Our patriarchs and matriarchs are buried in the Cave of Machpeleh in Hebron. Our ancestors bought this land from those who owned it. Abraham purchased the land for a burial plot for his wife Sarah from Ephron the Hittite. Hebron was once briefly chosen as the capital and royal city under King David, who was anointed king over Judah (II Samuel 2:1-4).

It was plundered, robbed and stolen several times. Jews were forced to purchase their rightfully given land over and over again. We should never, ever just give it away!

Recently, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have made it clear that it is losing our Holy Land that we must fear. Israel?s leader and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recently announced mysterious plans to uproot a number of settlements in the territories. ?Israel may move settlements which are across the Green Line,? Prime Minister Sharon told a closed-door session of the Knesset?s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Sharon also described the plans as complex, difficult and controversial. Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has suggested that Israel unilaterally withdraw from most of Gaza, Judea and Samaria, as well as some Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Although Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert plan to pull out of this Holy Land, it is not theirs to give away. Despite the fact that these two are ready to reward an Arab "Palestinian" campaign of terror, neither is willing to relinquish the second holiest city to the Jewish people - Hebron.

Olmert reiterated that there would be no pullout from the Jewish enclave in Hebron. Sharon also noted, "How can you dare think that Jews won't live in Hebron? How can we leave Hebron, where 700 jews are buried?"

On this, we can all agree with Sharon and Olmert. But to give up the rest of the Holy Land that G-d promised to the Children of Israel is also entirely unfathomable. Our blood has been spilled mercilessly and ruthlessly for what is ours. We can all recall the Hebron massacre of 1929 (unlike the fraudulent Jenin massacre) prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948. Because of our sacrifices over thousands of years, we shall not part with what G-d gave us as a gift.

G-d gave us, the Children of Israel, his beloved, holy, precious covenant and his promised land. G-d never breaks a promise. Bear in your heart and mind the Bible, or holy Torah, which clearly sets forth this premise and promise; a promise, believe it or not, that is also acknowledged in the Koran.

The land of Israel is not to be given away nor sold at any price whatsoever. The land of Israel belongs to the Children of Israel for eternity. No conquerors can impose their will over G-d. Learn a lesson. Look at the history. Read your holy books.

Would you abandon your own brother or sister in a time of need? How about your parents? Think about it carefully. Think about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Think about Sarah, Rivka, Leah and Rachel. Then, stand firm and tall. Walk proudly and fight for what is right; rightfully belonging to you and your ancestors and brethren - the Land of Israel. All of it. Especially Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Our G-d would never abandon us and break His covenant, and we should never, ever abandon our covenant and Promised Land.

We have a moral responsibility to our ancestors and brethren to never, ever abandon our G-d, our ancestors and brethren, as well as those territories part and parcel of the Holy Land of Israel, promised to us by G-d.