From Bali to New York to Casablanca the Islamic Bombers strike. They show no mercy, indiscriminately killing women and children, babies in their cots, children in pizza parlours or Jews worshipping their Lord on the Sabbath. Islamo-fascism is the single greatest threat to world peace since the fall of the Communist tyranny. The countries of the West must make a choice now whether to stand up and fight the scourge or to continue to appease and kowtow to the Arab dictators and the terrorists under their control. Appeasement will be met with further terrorism, further death and destruction and will destabilise the entire globe.

Al-Qaeda was not born in a vacuum. It was born through years of Saudi funding of Wahabist Islamic fanaticism in the mosques, madrasas and community centres of the Middle East. The oil-rich Arabs have exported these vile Islamo-fascist ideals to the shores of Western Europe. The terrorists will ultimately turn on their taskmasters and set the entire Arab world alight. The bombings in Saudi Arabia were a sign of what is yet to come.

The Europeans liked to fool themselves that Arab fanaticism was only Israel?s problem. The Arab apologists in Europe still believe that the Arabs could be satisfied if they were given the Jews as a scapegoat. If only that little Jewish country ceased to exist, all our problems would disappear, they liked to kid themselves. The spread of Islamism was eased, nay even helped, by Western apologists who turned a blind eye for decades and preferred to sell the Arabs weapons rather than believe that these might be turned on them one day.

The war has started; it was declared on September 11, 2001, and much of the Western world still has not awoken to the dark days ahead. From the Philippines to Kashmir, to Iraq, to Indonesia, to Turkey to North Africa, to the rues and boulevards of Paris, the children of Mohammed are on the march. Today, the growing numbers of Muslim citizens of Western Europe are being brainwashed through the constant agitation and propaganda of 24-hour Arabic satellite television networks. It will be enough for these Muslims to become 15-20 per cent of the populations of the European countries to sow years of turbulence and insecurity.

But al-Qaeda is not alone, other groups such as the Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Ansar al-Islam are part of this terror network. The PLO (and the ?Palestinian? Authority) is a key player, too. Indeed, the Arab terrorists worldwide, including those that attacked New York, have learnt from the PLO how to use terror and learnt how to make terror pay. The ?Palestinian? Arabs are the inventors of modern plane hijacking and suicide bombings, which have served as an inspiration to all the Muslim terrorists across the world.

The Arab states have more natural resources (including most of the world?s petroleum), landmass and population than the United States, but remain stuck in the Mediaeval era, with high illiteracy rates, poverty and unemployment. It is the Arabs who are the authors of their own miseries and, until they accept this, they are doomed to remain backward, choosing not to invest in education, science and shunning the modern world. To be sure, in Saudi Arabia, 70% of the work force are foreigners who are treated as third-class citizens. In the Gulf State of Qatar, 400,000 of its 600,000 population are foreigners who do all the jobs, from cleaning the streets to building bridges or working as doctors. The Qataris, who are set to have the highest GDP per capita by 2005, live off their massive oil wealth and don?t see fit to ever do a day?s work. They channel their money to sow death and destruction across the civilised world, while they continue their decadent existence back home in the Gulf.

The Arab and Islamic world has chosen Israel and the United States as the scapegoat for all their ills. The Arab satellite networks donate 90% of their coverage to the ?Palestinian? Arabs, as if all is fine and dandy in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Algeria, etc. Over 120,000 murdered by the Islamists in the 1990s in Algeria - no big deal. 100,000 Black Christian slaves in Sudan - who cares?

250,000 Lebanese murdered by the PLO and the Syrians - no worries. Indeed, one would think from watching Abu Dhabi TV or Al-Jazeera that the Arab world is a perfect place, with no starving masses on the streets of Cairo and the Maghreb.

The bombing of a residential complex in Saudi Arabia, the murder of 19 Italian troops in Baghdad and twin suicide bombings that murdered 23 innocents outside the two central synagogues of Istanbul, etc. are all part of the Islamist campaign to sow chaos and disorder through terror in the World.

There are answers to the scourge of Arab terrorism, but first the West must acknowledge its existence and not to obfuscate and pretend it doesn?t exist. It must work for regime change in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria.

Israel is the nation at the forefront of this battle and the world must recognise that. Israel must act in her own interest and not sacrifice her self-defence and deterrent power on the altar of pleasing the international community. Israel must seek to dismantle the Palestinian Authority, which is indeed the largest terrorist organisation in the world. Arafat, Abu Ala, Abu Mazen and all the PLO henchmen must be hunted down and eliminated. Arafat should be brought to Jerusalem and his trial and execution shown on television across the globe. The Islamo-fascists must be humiliated, for shame of defeat is enough to destroy their morale.

The United States must take tough, harsh measures against the foreign, mainly Syrian and Iranian, terrorists in Iraq and not be afraid to hunt them down. They must stop fighting with their hands tied behind their backs and similarly they must not ask Israel to appease the Arabs anymore. False sensitivities must be discarded. For example, the British claimed that it was impossible to attack the Arabs during Ramadan. Why? Did the Arabs cease from bombing Saudi Arabia - their Holy Land no less - on Ramadan? Did they not bomb synagogues on Ramadan and on the Jewish Sabbath? In Iraq, were these religious sensitivities respected when terrorists blew up the Najaf mosque, killing 130, including respected cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Hakim, on Friday, the Muslim holy day?

The choice is clear, stand up and fight or allow the Islamo-fascists to destroy the very foundations of Western Civilisation. The address of these enemies is clear, too. It is in Damascus, Tehran and Riyadh. Victory is possible, but only when the West begins to take the right steps against these terrorist states.