As the dust settled, as the funeral preparations began, as the people of Israel began to bury the dead from the latest double murderous homicide bombings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the time has come for Sharon to go. He has failed. The Palestinian Arabs have declared war on Israel, but the government has failed to respond and fulfil her first and most basic duty to protect the lives of her citizens.

Ever since the murder of 21 Israeli children at the Dolphinarium Disco in Tel Aviv on June 21 2001, it was abundantly clear that the only course of action Israel had to take was to declare total war on the PLO and dismantle the PA. Each and every of the PA institutions, "ministries", "security forces" and infrastructures should have been targeted. Each and every leader of the PA should have been eliminated or captured, from arch-terrorist Arafat to Abu-Mazen, down to the last murderous official of the world's largest terrorist organisation. Every town, village and hamlet of Judea Samaria and Gaza should have been restored to Israeli sovereignty. The government should have declared the Oslo accords, which have caused so much death and destruction and which imported the murderous PLO gang from Tunis to the shores of Eretz Yisrael, dead and buried.

The government chose instead to use very limited force and to follow a course of restraint in the face of unremitting attacks on Israelis throughout the land. Sharon made excuse after excuse. First, he told the nation that "restraint is also strength". Perhaps, but stupidity, criminal negligence, weakness in the face of attack and defeatism are not. Terrorist attacks continued daily and Israel remained silent. The blood flowed on the streets of Israel and Sharon continued to sit with Peres and the Oslo Gang in the government, continued his policy of "restraint" and the Arabs did what they did best - murder.

On the night of March 27, 2002, an Arab Terrorist sent by the PLO's own Fatah wing, massacred 30 Israelis, mostly pensioners, in Netanya. The government, finally, so we thought, would do what was necessary. Indeed, the onset of Operation Defensive Shield misled some into believing that finally the government was about to take the necessary action. The illusion did not last long. The government caved into American pressure and showed its true invertebrate nature. It sacrificed the lives of our soldiers in Jenin (by refusing to bomb the terrorist base form the air) lest a hair on the head of an enemy civilian be hurt. As if the enemy civilians are not complicit in the war against us, as if the "international community" (I doubt the existence of such a body) would thank us. Indeed the blood libel against the Jewish people for the non-massacre in Jenin resonates through Europe and the West to this day (perhaps only surpassed by the blood libel of Jews using Christian children's blood for Passover matzoth, or maybe even the Sabra and Shatilla blood libel, whose existence perhaps prevents Sharon from being able to do his job properly and fight the enemy).

The army was stopped from completing its mission, the IDF at the gates of the Mukata, withdrew and retreated, the leader of the enemy, the head of the snake, was left alive and well. Indeed, arch-murderer Arafat was allowed to regroup and to rebuild himself and to continue his war against Israel. Since then, atrocity after atrocity has been committed, hundreds have been murdered, thousands injured and the obvious conclusion - a declaration of total war - has not been reached.

Elections came and the Left was trounced, but still they remain in power, if not office. The supremely undemocratic Supreme Court continued and continues to dictate to the nation, continues to connive with our enemies, continues to undermine the very foundation of democracy and the state. The media remains in the hands of the Leftist oligarchy, as does most of the civil service.

But worst of all, Sharon continues in the direction of the failed Left and resuscitated the failed "Land-for-worthless-agreements-and-promises" policy of Oslo in its "new" form - the Roadmap. This has given official sanction to the creation of a second Arab state in Eretz Yisrael, this have given legitimacy to the terrorists and has allowed the PA to become an acceptable "government" in the eyes of the world. The farce of Oslo has continued, and the government calls on the PA, the very source of the violence, "to crack down on the terrorists", as if they are not the terrorists themselves!

Abu Mazen was treated as a partner, an equal, a "prime minister" by Sharon; whereas, Arafat was supposedly now "irrelevant". But who appointed Abu Mazen? Arafat himself, of course! Who is Abu Mazen - a moderate? Of course not! Abu Mazen is Arafat's crony, a terrorist, a Nazi sympathiser, who denies the Holocaust, who was complicit in the murder of scores of Jews. But even Abu Mazen was not good enough for the savages.

Sharon continued his restraint, even in the face of more and more carnage. Even during the undeclared, temporary hudna (a ceasefire called in order to allow the Arabs to regroup and rearm), there was no single day of quiet. The Arabs upped the ante, but Sharon remained firm in his weakness, he wanted to "give Abu Mazen a chance", as if the thousands of chances, the hundreds of murders, were acceptable. Not a day went past without a drive-by shooting, or an attempted homicide bomb or a missile attack. Kassam missiles reached Ashkelon, but Sharon limited his response to a pinpoint attack on a few Hamas leaders, as if Israel was acting as a policeman chasing after a few criminals, and not a nation at war whose very existence was under threat.

J'accuse Ariel Sharon, for failing in his basic duty, for collapsing in the face of US pressure, for allowing the enemy to out-manipulate him, for allowing Israel's deterrent power to erode to new lows and for betraying his voters and the very platform of his own party. It is time to remember that Israel is a parliamentary democracy and that the nation voted for the ?national camp? and not for one man. It is time for a change of leadership from within the national camp. It is time to put an end to the Arab enemy, to the Left's grip on power, and to act with the minimum dignity of a sovereign nation and strive for victory.