The Arabs must be laughing at us. In Arabic, of course, not in English. And by us, I mean Israel and America. It seems almost as if we have some strange need to be fooled. We want, at all costs, to believe in the goodness of our enemy.

The Palestinian Authority (terrorist organization) has declared a temporary hudna, or cease-fire, in their ongoing campaign of murder and mayhem against Israel. The whole world is happy. The U.S. thinks that this is a great diplomatic accomplishment. The Associated Press asserts that "a temporary cease-fire declared by Palestinian militants on June 29 has brought a dramatic drop in violence."

The fact is that anti-Israel terror has far from petered out. According to statistics compiled by the IDF, there have been a total of 167 Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel in the four weeks since the hudna went into effect, with "only" three Israelis and one foreign worker killed since then. The Israeli army has worked hard to prevent the success of these attacks. Three suicide bombers have been captured, suicide belts have been dismantled and many bombs neutralised.

In other words, it is not that the Palestinians haven't been trying to kill Jews of late, it is just that they haven't been succeeding.

As a matter of fact, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has made it plain that he has no intention of disarming or disbanding the terrorist groups, who are now reportedly using the hudna to build over 1,000 Kassam rockets, with a range of up to 20 kilometers, for use against major Israeli cities. In the words of Abu Mazen, when asked at a Cairo press conference whether he ever intends to fulfill his Road Map obligations of dismantling the terrorist organizations: "Cracking down on Hamas, Jihad and Palestinian organizations is not an option at all. The cease-fire is working, so why should I fight with my brothers?" From the Arab point of view, why indeed?

And who is holding Abu Mazen on a tight leash? Yasser Arafat, of course. The same Yasser Arafat who President George W. Bush declared irrelevant and rightly refused to invite to the White House. Instead, Bush rolls out the red carpet for Arafat's lap dog, Abu Mazen, who has been Arafat's No.2 in the terrorism business for 40 years. Who financed the Munich Massacre? Abu Mazen! Who says the Holocaust is a Zionist-Nazi conspiracy? You guessed it!

Want to know the real purpose of a hudna? No one can inform you better than Yasser Arafat, who completely controls Bush's fair-haired boy, Abu Mazen.

In 1994, after the May signing in Cairo of the Gaza/Jericho withdrawal agreement, Arafat delivered a speech in English at a mosque in Johannesburg, South Africa. This gathering was for South African Muslims only, and no recording was allowed. Nonetheless, a person who shall remain anonymous, managed to secretly tape Arafat's address. Our organization, the Women in Green, was able to duplicate this audio-tape and distribute it widely in Israel in 1994.

The following in an excerpt from the Arafat Jihad tape:

"The Jihad (Islamic holy war) will continue, and Jerusalem is not for the Palestinian people, it is for all the Muslim people.

"This agreement, I am not considering it more than the agreement that had been signed between our Prophet Mohammed and Koraish, and you remember that the Caliph Omar had refused this agreement and considered it solha donia (despicable truce). In English, I don't know what this means, solha donia, but I think it means the agreement of the very low class.... But the same way Mohammed had accepted it, we are accepting now this peace effort; to continue our way to Jerusalem, to the cherished shrine, together and not alone."

(Note: The agreement with Koraish allowed Mohammed to pray in Mecca, which was under Koraish control, for ten years. When Mohammed grew stronger two years later, he abrogated the agreement, slaughtered the tribe of Koraish and conquered Mecca.)

Which brings us to the release of the Arab prisoners. The Palestinian Authority has made prisoner releases one of its capital demands, even though this is not mentioned at all as a Road Map requirement. One hundred terrorists were already released last month, including Ahmed Jbarra, the refrigerator bomber, who killed 14 people when he planted a booby-trapped refrigerator at Zion Square in Jerusalem in 1975. Arafat, immediately upon Jbarra's release, appointed him as his special adviser on prisoner affairs.

By the way, shouldn't Jbarra have been extradited to the United States? One of the 14 people he murdered was an American citizen. Would President Bush have demanded Jbarra's release, as a confidence-building measure, if he were serving a sentence in an American jail?

Meanwhile, the body of kidnaped soldier Cpl. Oleg Shaikhet, 20, was discovered on Monday morning - a week after he went missing - buried in an olive grove near Arab villages not far from his home. He was the 35th Jewish victim since the Aqaba Summit between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and President George W. Bush, on June 3, 2003.

And what is the advice of Ahmed Jbarra, Arafat's special adviser on prisoner affairs, in connection with this kidnaping-murder? At a rally in his honor in Bethlehem, he called for more kidnaping of IDF soldiers, in order to force Israel to release all Arab prisoners. "Otherwise, there will be no peace or security for Israel," he threatened.

In spite of this, President Bush is pressuring Israel to release more terrorists, including those from Islamic Jihad and Hamas (both organizations outlawed by Washington), as a confidence-building measure.

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon has promised President Bush to release 540 more terrorists; the ones who are not dangerous, he assures the Israeli people. Not dangerous, like Ahmed Jbarra? So why were these terrorists in jail in the first place?

No wonder the Arabs are laughing at us, Americans and Israelis alike. They have realized that they can sell us the same carpet over and over again. Yes, they want peace for both Jews and Arabs - but for the Jews and the rest of the infidels, they want the peace of the grave.

Like al-Qaeda. The congressional report on the September 11 attacks apparently alleges that Saudi officials helped some of the hijackers. Twenty-eight pages of the report have been classified. Bush, speaking at a press conference yesterday after his meeting with Prime Minister Sharon, said he had "no qualms" about keeping the pages classified, and insisted their release could jeopardize "sources and methods" used in gathering intelligence and "help the enemy". But the senior Republican senator on the 9/11 inquiry committee, Richard Shelby, said on Sunday that 95% of the classified pages could be released without jeopardizing national security. Senator Bob Graham (D-FL), another of the report's authors, also dismissed Bush's claim that releasing the pages would jeopardize "sources and methods" and suggested the White House was keeping the pages classified to protect the US relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Let us not ever forget that the Road Map is basically a Saudi Arabian evil plan for Israel's destruction. Let us hope that the truth of Saudi Arabia's support for terrorism against the United States, as well, will finally be revealed. Saudi Arabia has had, and continues to have, tremendous influence on the Israeli-American relationship. Why is Bush pressuring Israel? Because of this pressure, is Sharon crossing dangerous red lines to appease the United States?

Sixty-five years ago, Great Britain sold out Czechoslovakia for peace "in our time". Now it is the turn of Israel to be the sacrificial lamb for peace "in our time". Then, it was Hitler who promised Chamberlain that he had no designs beyond Czechoslovakia. Now, it is Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Islamic world who are promising President Bush that if only the Jewish State of Israel is destroyed, there will be peace.

President Bush is deluding himself if he thinks that the Muslim world's chief quarrel with the West is over Israel. The prize of Israel, the Little Satan, will not satisfy the Islamic tiger, it will only whet its appetite. The victory over the Great Satan, America, is much more important to radical Islam.

With enemies all around us, and Israel's isolation amongst the nations of the world almost complete, we need to remember our glorious past, when we were able to pray in the First and Second Temples on HaShem's Holy Mountain. Let us unite and pray that the Third Temple will be built speedily and in our days.