War in Ukraine
War in UkraineiStock

Western nations are in talks about whether to allow Russian oligarchs to purchase their way out of sanctions, with the resulting money used to rebuild Ukraine, sources close to the talks said.

The idea was put forward by Canadian deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland at a G-7 finance minister’s meeting last week in Germany. Freeland suggested the idea after several oligarchs approached her with the proposal, the Associated Press reported.

Freeland raised the idea during a discussion of how the confiscated assets of oligarchs could be used to pay for Ukraine.

According to an official familiar with the situation, Ukraine is aware of the idea.

It is also being discussed due to the advantage to the West of having Russian oligarchs move away from their previous links to Russian President Vladimir Putin while also paying for Ukraine reconstruction.

“We would not be talking about this if there wasn’t some comfort on the part of the Ukrainians,” the official said. “We need to know that it works for them, too.”