Israeli flags in Turkey
Israeli flags in TurkeyNo credit

The travel advisory to Turkey issued by the National Security Council came following the identification of an Iranian infrastructure that intends to harm Israelis in the immediate term, Channel 12 News reported on Monday.

According to the report, in an unusual move, more than 100 Israelis were individually warned of the threat after it was understood that they had been marked by the infrastructure, and they were asked to return to Israel. There are currently 40,000 Israelis in Turkey.

The travel advisory follows a recent Iranian attempt to harm Israeli businessmen around the world which was thwarted by the Mossad. The defense establishment suspects that, following the thwarted attempt, the Iranians wanted to "go the safe route" and preferred to try to harm Israeli vacationers in Turkey.

The Turks were not surprised by the publication of the warnings, as this was done in coordination with them.