AmbulanceMDA Spokesperson

A one-year-old toddler died Monday afternoon after he was strangled after getting his head stuck between the bars of his crib in the community of Metzadot Yehuda in the south Hebron Hills.

Magen David Adom (MDA) teams were called to the scene and evacuated the toddler to Soroka Medical Center while performing resuscitation operations.

The child was rushed to the emergency room and doctors continued to attempt to resuscitate him, but they were forced to determine his death.

MDA emergency medical officer Yedia Sharchton said: "When I arrived I saw the baby in the arms of the family, he was not-breathing and had no pulse. We provided him with life-saving medical treatment and performed advanced and prolonged resuscitation operations even while evacuating to the hospital in critical condition."

Soroka Hospital said: "A six-month-old toddler from south of Mount Hebron was treated at a children's hospital in Soroka, he was unconscious and undergoing resuscitation. Unfortunately, despite additional resuscitation operations performed in the emergency room, the medical staff was forced to determine his death."

The Mount Hebron Council issued a statement saying: "Council Chairman Yochai Damari and residents of the Mount Hebron Regional Council are mourning and participating in the family's grief over the death of their son in tragic circumstances. The council will accompany the family during its difficult hours and will support it as much as necessary together with the emergency teams, social workers and other relevant parties."