From a young age, Moshe Schneider developed a passion and love for music and art. He taught himself piano as a child and sang in local choirs. Born and raised in a haredi community in Brooklyn, New York, something deep inside his soul always yearned for the Jewish Homeland. He knew that while life in the United States was good, there was something missing from the "bigger picture."

At the age of 19, while studying for a pre-med degree, he took a semester off to experience the sights and sounds of Israel, joining a yeshiva in Jerusalem. Immediately overcome with awe and love for the country, he prolonged his stay and eventually joined the IDF as a lone combat soldier and later a commander in the army.

Moshe met his future wife Shulie toward the end of his stint in the military, and together, they decided to dedicate their lives to giving back to the Jewish State, which they would forever make their home.

Starting out in Judea and then moving out to a small farm in the hills of Samaria, life’s fascinating journey led Moshe to shepherd a large flock of sheep in the timeless Biblical hills of the Dotan valley, while serving as a security coordinator and studying nursing in central Israel. As he continued pursuing his dreams, he never forgot music - the passion of his youth.

Today, Moshe and Shulie are proud parents to three beautiful children and make the budding community of Maoz Tzvi in northern Samaria their home. When he's not raising his children, developing local farmland, and working as an emergency room nurse, Moshe continues honing the "sweet art" of writing and performing music.

Moshe's first single, “Omdot”, is a song of yearning and love for Jerusalem, unity, peace and redemption. Written by King David in Psalms (122:2), the words describe how the inhabitants of Jerusalem would bless all those who ascended to the Temple during the three Jewish festivals.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, those who love you will be serene," announce the lyrics of a song based on centuries of the Jewish people's yearning for true peace and serenity in their ancestral home.