Rabbi Chagai Lundin
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It is not a coincidence that Jerusalem Day falls on the eve of the Torah reading of Bemidbar (literal translation: "in the wilderness"). The desert is a chaotic and extreme place, hot by day and cold at night. It is easy to get lost in the desert, it is easy to despair in the desert.

But it turns out there also is order in the chaos. The Torah portion of Bemidbar talks about each tribe having a flag that marked the direction of travel. A flag signifies something to stand up for, something to believe in.

The tribe of Judah was the tribe that led the encampment. Its flag was light blue, a purposeful and heavenly color, a clear and eternal purpose. A picture of a lion was on the blue flag. The flag of Jerusalem. Those who lead are the people of Jerusalem – lions, brave and resolute people.

We will march in the flag parade in Jerusalem with joy and courage. Amid the chaos, facing the enemies outside and the confused inside – our purpose is Jerusalem; our flag is with Israel. There is nothing to fear, not from terrorists not from threats from Hamas, and not from cultural brainwashing of a self-hating minority. We will prevail over everything.

We have a clear goal – and that is why we will succeed!

We have a tradition of thousands of years – and that is why we will overcome!

Together with us is an absolute majority of a traditional and nationalistic Jewish public that is continuously growing – and that is why we will triumph!

Those who identify processes know we are already ahead.

The bad will pass.

The good will prevail.

With God's help.

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Rabbi Hagai Lundinis a rabbi in yeshiva and academic settings. He teaches on various media channels and is a popular lecturer in Judaism throughout Israel.