Evacuation of Homesh an hour before Shabbat
Evacuation of Homesh an hour before ShabbatHomesh yeshiva

At midnight, the state is expected to submit its answer regarding the proposed evacuation of the Homesh community in Judea, which has become one of the sticking points threatening the future of the current Bennett-Lapid coalition.

Channel 12 News received a draft of the government's reply to the Court on behalf of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, stating that the community will be evacuated - but not in the immediate future.

According to the report, Gantz will be provided flexibility as far as the timing of the demolition, regardless of the political situation and cracks in the coalition.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Bennett responded to a student's question about the evacuation of Homesh during a festive event in honor of Jerusalem Day at Ohr Torah Stone's Midreshet Lindenbaum.

In a video obtained by Israel National News-Arutz Sheva, Bennett says that, "the law in the State of Israel dictates that building in an area that was part of the disengagement [from Gush Katif and northern Samaria] is illegal. As of today, they have not changed the law and [settlement in Homesh] violates that law."

He added that "Homesh was evacuated a decade ago and again two years back. Common sense should be exercised in terms of whether, when, and how it will be evacuated again."

According to the prime minister, "there is now a wave of terrorism and we must use common sense while acting with discretion. Netanyahu evacuated Homesh several times."

"We will work together with our partners to find a solution for this issue," he concluded.