The Pakistani delegation with President Isaac Herzog
The Pakistani delegation with President Isaac Herzog Courtesy of the photographer

According to a report that appeared in Israel Hayom, a delegation of Pakistani nationals visited Israel about two weeks ago. According to the article, this was an unofficial delegation most of whose members hold dual citizenship and currently reside in the US. Two members of the group have only Pakistani citizenship and are permanent residents of the country.

One of the two is Ahmed Quraishi, a fairly well-known journalist in Pakistan, who at one point served as an adviser to former President Pervez Musharraf and often posts moderate and pro-Western messages on social media.

The other guest, Fischel Ben Khaled, identifies as a Pakistani Jew and wears a kippah on a regular basis.

Israel and Pakistan have no diplomatic relations, but last year it was reported that the Israeli navy said it would participate in an international exercise alongside its Pakistani counterpart.

The two nations have a number of common strategic interests and rumors of a diplomatic breakthrough between the two have been swirling around over the past decade.