IDF raids in Jenin
IDF raids in JeninIDF spokesperson

CNN claimed that IDF forces operating in Jenin deliberately targeted a group of journalists, resulting in the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh.

CNN claimed, citing an explosive weapons expert, forensic analysis, witness testimony, and analysis of video from the scene, that there was no gunfire from terrorists before the shots which killed Abu Aqleh, at least at the time of the shooting.

According to CNN, a group of journalists had gathered to cover the Israeli raid on Jenin when the soldiers opened fire on them, killing Abu Aqleh.

Israel has maintained that the journalist was killed during a firefight with terrorists in the area, and that it is unclear which side fired the bullet which killed her, while CNN claims that the firefight began only after Abu Aqleh was shot. The Palestinian Authority has refused to conduct a joint investigation into the incident and has withheld the bullet, a key piece of evidence which could determine which gun was used. Israel has said that it is possible Abu Aqleh was killed by an accidental shot such as a ricochet.

An Israeli official noted to CNN that IDF soldiers do not fire M-16s on automatic, while the terrorists fired "indiscriminately," but explosives weapons expert Chris Cobb-Smith told CNN that his examination of the video leads him to believe Abu Aqleh was deliberately targeted and was not hit by automatic gunfire.