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In 1933 Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. The Jews thought this too would pass and that it was only a temporary fluke election...something out of the ordinary. According to Rabbi Berel Wein, they even penned a letter congratulating him on his victory!

When a person is in the middle of an attack, sometimes they freeze up like a deer in the headlights or they fail to recognize the grave danger in the road ahead. Perhaps it's a defense mechanism for emotional well being? Perhaps it is just being foolish and naive?

Today, we reflect a year after we witnessed a senseless 4,000+ rockets launched from Gaza at Israeli civilians when we were dumbfounded by the media's responding as if there were some justification for 4,000 Hamas Terror Rockets trying to draw in the Israeli Airforce to help the media create more propaganda films for the nations of the world filled with the blood and destruction of its own Gazan citizens and the city itself.

... the world looks the other way when their heroes in the Palestinian Authority continue calls for Jewish blood...and even sentence to death those arabs who legally sell land to a Jew! Seriously? In 2022!!

...the world looks the other way as dozens of terror attacks with axes and knives claim victim after victim. Dozens of children became orphans (16 in one day!).

...the world looks the other way as if the PA and Hamas leadership are somehow legitimate elected political players in Israeli society. They're not even regularly elected by their own governments!

...the world doesn't look away when media cycle continues to show an ironic disproportionate response against Israel (I'm not excusing possible illegal or unjust behavior by Israel...just pointing out the irony here)

...the world doesn't look away when a large powerful faction of Israeli citizens have lost their national compass and memory of our history of survival and triumph.

...the world doesn't look away when Israeli officials seem to create the digital fodder for the enemy's media propaganda machine.

Once again the neighboring countries and nations of the world smell blood.

Qatar spends upwards of $30 million on Al Jazeera, their propaganda machine, and they partner with mainstream media legacy institutions such as the BBC.

As the U.S. begins its next election cycle and things start to heat up, at TRIBE Journal we are officially issuing a warning and most of you will look the other way until it is too late.

You're going to need a bigger boat.

Bigger boat
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