Dr. Leah Goldin, joined by Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz, Kehilath Jeshrun, held a conversation about mutual responsibility at the Jerusalem Conference led by Arutz Sheva on Sunday in Manhattan. Goldin’s son, Hadar Goldin, was captured and killed by the Hamas in 2014, and has not been returned to his family for burial.

Goldin began by addressing how the responsibility to bring Hadar home is shared by the United States. She said, “Hadar is the victim of a ceasefire. Hadar is an American Jewish problem and we need Am Israel to bring him home.”

Regarding relations with Gaza and the Hamas moving forward, Goldin sent a powerful message to those who are holding her son. She said, “They should know that they should never touch any Israeli soldier again, because it is going to cost them.”

Rabbi Steinmetz called on Americans, and other Jews in the conference to take action and support the movement to bring Hadar home. He said, “The ceasefire which was violated by Hamas was brokered by the United States, through the Secretary of State and the United Nations. They need to stand by the ceasefire which they broke, not hadar and Simcha.”

“We need a network of communities which are going to take this on their shoulders.”

Goldin ended the discussion with an allusion to a message which her son embodied. She said, “In your life you have two options, to deal with yourself or two do great things. I tell myself this every day.”