Yuli Edelstein
Yuli EdelsteinYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Likud's number two, former Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, told Channel 12 News' "Meet the Press" program that if former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not succeed in forming a government within the current Knesset, the Likud should hold primaries for its top seat.

"I usually don't get into battles that I don't think I can win," Edelstein said, adding, "I think that there are two things the State of Israel does not need: One is the continued existence of the current government, and the other is elections."

"We can still form a good, stable, government in the current Knesset."

According to Edelstein, "the Likud can hold primaries for the leadership of the movement, and really, we wouldn't need elections then. If Netanyahu knows how to form a government within the current Knesset, then certainly I will not stand in his way, because I said that the State of Israel does not need new elections. And if not, then we need to hold primaries for leadership of the movement. Within a few weeks we can hold primaries for the movement's leadership - it's not such a big challenge."

Edelstein again emphasized that if Netanyahu can form a government, he will not stand in the way, but added, "The good of the state is that at the head of the Likud there is someone who knows how to form a coalition that will lead the country. I think that with the experience I have and the abilities I have, and the proven things that I have done, I could be the appropriate person to do that."

Regarding Netanyahu's calls to vote for Religious Zionism in the previous elections, Edelstein said, "When I stand at the head of the Likud, I will call for everyone to vote Likud. I don't know another election campaign where the head of party A called to vote for party B. There's just no game or thing like that. So I think that the Likud as a party and a movement can become stronger and bring quite a few voices and form a wide government."