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The IDF Arabic-language spokesman, Lt. Col. Avichai Edre'i, this morning (Friday) revealed the existence of a weapons smuggling route operated by the son of the chairman of the Hezbollah Operational Council.

According to the IDF, the father is responsible for coordinating the organization's activities with the Shiite population, dialogue with power figures in Lebanon, and management of information and communication mechanisms.

His son, Sid Ratziah, is married to the daughter of Qassem Suleimani, a former Quds Force commander, and flies several times a month to Iran from Lebanon, where his wife lives.

Whenever he is in Iran he coordinates advanced weapons transfers to Hezbollah using infrastructure, resources, and a network of operatives under his command, as well as that of his father, and Hezbollah's council, and supported by Revolutionary Guards-related elements.

In order to maintain secrecy, weapons transfers are made on civilian flights, endangering civilians flying from Iran to the international airport in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

In doing so, Hezbollah is exploiting Lebanon and its citizens for terrorism that serves the Iranian interest.

"The IDF will continue to monitor Hezbollah's attempts to undermine the security of the State of Israel and will act as necessary for the security of the state and its residents," Edre'i wrote.