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Former U.S. President Donald Trump has allegedly been fuming to friends about the lackluster performance of his new social media platform Truth Social which he blames on sabotage by Google.

Trump is reportedly upset that Google has not made the Truth Social app available for Android devices, the New York Post reported.

The former president was quoted by Rolling Stone saying, “Is Google trying to f*** me?” to advisors in the last few weeks.

The Truth Social app has only been available on Apple devices so far. Truth Social can’t be installed by Android users, who make up 70 percent of the mobile operating system market worldwide and account for over 40 percent of mobile users in the U.S.

Trump vowed after he was banned from Twitter in January 2021 to create his own social media site. Truth Social has been online since February 2022 and has been downloadable on devices that use Apple’s iOS.

A source told Rolling Stone that Trump believes Google is purposely blocking Truth Social’s app.

“He keeps hearing about how Google and YouTube have it out for him … including on Truth Social, and I think he’s taking [it] seriously,” the source said.

But according to several sources who spoke to the magazine, Truth Social’s app is not yet available to Android users because the company has not met the documentation requirements to get approved for the Google Play Store.

In April, Trump mentioned on multiple occasions that Google had supposedly banned Truth Social, going as far as to ask whether the tech giant was attempting to “screw with me.”

Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes has said that the app will be available on Android devices by June.

“End of May we will launch PWA (Web Browser) this will allow access from any device,” Nunes said in a Truth Social post. “After that we will launch an Android App… pending approval from Google!”