Merav Michaeli, Labor's chairwoman
Merav Michaeli, Labor's chairwomanReuters

Eran Hermoni, Secretary-General of Israel's Labor Party, has initiated a process which would unite his party with Defense Minister Benny Gantz's Blue and White party and create a new center-left base, Israel Hayom reported.‎

According to the report, Hermoni intends to demand that Labor chairwoman Merav Michaeli gather the party committee to decide on the matter, or hold a vote among the approximately 40,000 party members.

"Labor must return to being the ruling party, with a clear Zionist-socialist worldview," Hermoni said. "This is a dangerous process and I know that most of our members are very concerned and oppose it. When an MK from the party participates in an alternative Memorial Day ceremony and the party chair does not open her mouth on the issue, this is a very concerning sign that signals that we are veering off the path."

"The moment Labor makes a decision on the matter, the ball will pass to Gantz and Blue and White, and then they will have to prove that they do place 'Israel before everything.' We will hold democratic elections for the position of chair of the joint party," he promised.

Two years ago, the Labor party conference voted to unite with Blue and White, but after Michaeli was elected chair, the process did not take place.

Even today, many Blue and White activists are former Labor members, as are a significant portion of Blue and White's MKs.