The celebrations in Meron
The celebrations in Meron United Hatzalah

Since the beginning of the festivities on Mount Meron Wednesday afternoon, United Hatzalah volunteers have treated 47 people who required emergency medical care.

Volunteers from the organization including ambulance teams and ambucycle drivers are providing medical security to the tens of thousands of worshippers who have made the pilgrimage to the mountain for the holiday.

"The majority of the cases that we have dealt with thus far are minor injuries such as contusions and abrasions, minor burns, respiratory problems, as well as other minor incidents," relayed Dov Maisel a paramedic and the Vice President of Operations for the Organization.

"The volunteers have also assisted in handing out water in the various parking lots around the mountain after we received an urgent request to assist with bringing water to the worshippers. We are coordinating all of our efforts with the Israeli police who are in charge of the overall operation. We will continue with our activities throughout Meron until the conclusion of the festivities tonight."

CEO of United Hatzalah Eli Pollack said, "Volunteers have come from all over the country and are active around the clock in order to provide emergency medical care in Meron for those who need it. We have increased the number of staff at United Hatzalah's Dispatch and Command Center and raised the level of preparedness in order to provide an immediate medical response to any and all emergencies in Meron and around the country."