Dr. Elad ben Elul is a trained anthropologist with special interests in digital technologies, virtual space, storage, and photography, he loves understanding people and groups to create insights and ideas that count.

Within the past four years, Dr. Elad has undergone a big change going from non-Orthodox to becoming Orthodox and has written a book that has been gaining a lot of interest.

He is joining me in the studio to discuss his book which is available only in Hebrew now, but from what I have read this is a must-read. It's called "lo bikashti lavo leolam", I didn't choose to come to this world, literally, but I am sure it will have a better title once it will be translated into English.

After a casual meeting a few years ago with a Chabad shaliach, Dr Elad started learning Tanya which brought him eventually to search for more, and that's when he fell upon a video of Rabbi Manis Friedman, Dr. Elad started collaborating with Rabbi Manis and that's when the idea of this book came about.

This book brings us the wisdom of Chasidut and ignites the enthusiasm and curiosity among both religious, traditional, and secular. The book is written by Dr. Elad Ben Elul and is based on the lectures of Rabbi Manis Friedman renowned speaker worldwide and may prove to be a turning point for each and every one of us.