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Air raid sirens were sounded in northern Israel Thursday morning, an IDF spokesperson said.

Residents of northern Israel reported hearing two explosions.

The sirens were sounded in the Upper Galilee area after an unmanned aircraft operated by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group was reported as having crossed into Israeli airspace.

Israel's Channel 12 reported that a drone aircraft was shot down by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense network.

However, shortly afterwards, an IDF spokesperson said that the incident had been the result of a mistake by soldiers operating the Iron Dome system, and that no aircraft penetration of Israel's northern airspace actually took place.

"Due to an error in identification earlier this morning, the IDF Aerial Defense Array launched interceptors which caused the alarms heard in northern Israel."

Senior security officials said that an Israeli drone aircraft was mistakenly identified as a hostile craft while flying close to a sensitive area.

An MDA spokesperson said that no injuries have been reported.