Jonathan Pollard in Kida
Jonathan Pollard in KidaSpokesperson

Jonathan Pollard on Wednesday visited the town of Kida and paid a condolence visit to the family of Noam Raz, who was killed during an exchange of gunfire with terrorists in Jenin last Friday.

Pollard told Raz’s widow, Efrat, and her children, "The people of Israel will never forget Noam. He is a true hero of Israel. We must in no way continue to prioritize the lives of our enemies over the lives of our soldiers."

"I hope that the awakening of all the people of Israel following this terrible loss will really make a difference. Our soldiers have tremendous dedication, but what can be done with bombs should not be done with the blood of our best sons," Pollard added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Kida to offer condolences to Raz’s family.

During the visit, Raz’s eldest son excoriated the Prime Minister, saying he holds him personally responsible for his father’s death.

“I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror. I blame you, just as I blame the terrorist.”

“You blew your chance. We want to see someone whom we believe in. You don’t deserve to be in the house my father lived in. I hope that you are actually listening and not just nodding.”

“Don’t make us all kinds of promises. From experience we know that nothing will be kept. Stop abandoning our soldiers and police officers. You’ve emasculated them. Officers are being stoned and can’t shoot.”

Raz’s widow demanded to know what steps Bennett has taken to stop the ongoing terror wave.

“Be committed to the truth, look at yourself honestly. Your intentions are good, but your actions are not. You still have time to change, so long as you are in this position. But when you are not loyal to the cause that you were elected to serve, you won’t stay [in power]. We’ve had it with being humiliated, give your people power.”

During Bennett’s visit, protesters gathered in Kida to denounce the Prime Minister and his handling of the ongoing terror wave.