IDF forces operate
IDF forces operateIDF spokesperson

Overnight, IDF and Israeli security forces conducted counterterrorism activities in a number of locations in Judea and Samaria, including the towns of al-Khader, Tel, Deir Istiya, Zububa, and Al Yamun, to apprehend individuals suspected of terror activity.

The security forces also operated in the town of Wadi Burqin in the area of Jenin to apprehend a terror suspect. Explosive devices were hurled at the forces and shots were heard in the area during the activity. The soldiers responded with fire toward armed assailants identified in the area.

In addition, a joint intelligence and operational activity was conducted by the IDF “Maglan” Unit and the Shabak in the town of Dura el-Kari'a. The security forces apprehended four Hamas terror suspects. The individuals are suspected of managing the Hamas terror cell at Birzeit University.

A total of 14 suspects were apprehended overnight.

The suspects were transferred to security forces for further processing.

No IDF injuries were reported.