Lag Ba'omer in Australia
Lag Ba'omer in Australia Courtesy

Lag Ba'omer in Australia has begun with a special tribute to the memory of 45 who were killed in Meron last year.

Lag Ba'omer festivities began Wednesday in Australia, celebrating Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai with a bonfire and events for all ages and celebrations. At the center of the celebrations was the parade of Jewish pride, with children marching through the streets to lively music, bringing the pride and joy of Judaism to the streets of Sydney.

To start the celebration, children of all ages joined Sydney’s Shul run by Rabbi Chaim Levy, packing gifts and making cards for children in hospital. The children then enjoyed a fabulous magic show, crafts, music, pizza, and sushi.

Standing out was the “Mitzvah for Meron” wall. Children had the opportunity to write a mitzvah (Torah commandment) and good deed they will do in memory of the 45 victims of Meron. The children wrote their mitzvah on a small note in the shape of a flame, and placed it on the “Mitzvah for Meron” wall, creating a shining wall of little flames and mitzvos for the memory of the 45 victims.

“Lag B'Omer is a day of unity and ahavat Yisroel (love of a fellow Jew), and also a day of blessing. What better way to celebrate than bringing children together to rejoice and do acts of goodness and kindness for one another," said Rabbi Chaim Levy.