Shlomo Karhi speaks to Arutz Sheva
Shlomo Karhi speaks to Arutz ShevaArutz Sheva

Likud MK Shlomo Karhi spoke with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva about the "From uniforms to Studies" bill, saying that if it is done right, his party will support the bill.

"The coalition is invited to bring the bill to the Knesset plenum, and we will definitely vote in favor if they support our reservations," he said. "We demand that the soldiers receive 100% funding, and not just the false pretense as if everything is good."

"They do not support the soldiers - they are a government which is dependent on terror supporters, and senior factors in the coalition who call soldiers 'murderers' and condemn them. These are unthinkable things. They come as if they want to give a sum of money. We are saying: 'You want to support the soldiers? Don't just give them a certain sum of money to pay their tuition - give them full funding, and the law will pass."

Karhi also estimated that the government will not be able to pass any meaningful laws.

"This government has reached the end of its path and it does not have a majority in the Knesset," he said. "They supposedly have 60 supporters. Why can't they pass it? They have anti-Zionist members - the United Arab List - who do not want to help soldiers. They smell elections and are putting out spins as if we are opposing them. They are in a government which is not capable of doing anything and not capable of acting for the benefit of Israel's citizens."

Expressing concern about the government's reliance on the Joint Arab List, Karhi added, "They fully and clearly say that they will work together with the Joint Arab List. We saw this in votes last week, that the Joint Arab List was bought by the coalition. This group from Yamina and New Hope, all those who you thought would still have a tiny drop of nationalism, are cooperating with those who hate us most. They come to talk about 'from uniforms to studies' and use the Joint Arab List and the United Arab List in order to remain in their seats."

The declaration of Yamina's MK Amichai Chikli as a "defector," "is not the end of the sentence," Karhi said. "We can still, in the law to dissolve the Knesset, ensure that this defection is canceled. The government will not succeed in breaking the spirit of the the true representatives of the People of Israel."