Rock attack (illustrative)
Rock attack (illustrative)iStock

Arabs threw rocks at a bus traveling near Be'er Sheva in southern Israel.

The bus was traveling between Be'er Sheva and Dimona, on Route 25. Near the Bedouin Arab township of Abu Talul, the bus was pelted with rocks.

The rock attack damaged one of the bus' windows. No injuries were reported.

Police officers arriving at the scene arrested a 16-year-old Bedouin Arab suspect, who is a resident of the area.

Rock attacks on buses are not a new phenomenon: Late last year, there were multiple rock attacks on buses traveling in southern Israel, including on a bus traveling on Route 25.

In 2018, a bus traveling from Meitar to Be'er Sheva was pelted with rocks.

Private vehicles have also been targeted: In 2014, local residents said that parallel to the war with Hamas in Gaza, Bedouin Arabs pelted private vehicles traveling between Be'er Sheva and Dimona with rocks, at random hours during the day.