Sylvan Adams and Mayor of Elad Rabbi Israel Porush during the tour
Sylvan Adams and Mayor of Elad Rabbi Israel Porush during the tourElad municipality

Days after the horrific terror attack in the central Israeli town of Elad, at the initiative of Israel’s President Isaac Herzog, Mayor of Elad Rabbi Israel Porush hosted a delegation headed by Canadian Israeli philanthropist Sylvan Adams, for a tour of the town.

The members of the delegation arrived to show their solidarity and support, and visited the site of the recent attack in Elad Park where the Mayor briefed Mr. Adams on the security situation. Mayor Porush explained how the attack had been carried out on the evening of Israel’s Independence Day, and how three Israelis were killed.

The delegation then toured the bicycle and walking trails that surround the town, and reviewed the first phase – which has already been completed – and received an overview of the planned second phase which would trace the entire perimeter of the town. The second phase will include the construction of a comfortable and wide walking trail, alongside a safe biking trail, including lighting, security cameras, and a tall perimeter fence.

After the tour, during which Mr. Adams himself rode his bike along the planned route in commemoration of the victims, he referred to the shocking event and said, “The terrorists came here to cause death and chaos, destroying lives, and orphaning children, senselessly murdering innocent people. We are not like them. We will overcome. We will invest even more in our communities, and in Elad, build a well-lit and secure cycling and walking trail, with security cameras and a perimeter fence, that will prevent people living just a few kilometers away from undermining the safety of the community and our children. We want to live here in peace and quiet alongside our neighbors. This is our answer, to build our country and live in peace.”

Accordingly, Mr. Adams announced Monday that he will donate a sum of around one million dollars to assist with the completion the trail. The path’s total length is approximately 10 km, with half of it already completed. The Municipality will now begin to pave the second half.

The joint project between the Municipality of Elad and the Ministry of Transportation aims to provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy the local nature and landscapes, in a healthy and safe riding environment, away from cars traveling in and around the city.

At the request of Mayor Rabbi Israel Porush, the trail design is spread out in a way that will allow the construction of junctions and exits towards schools and educational institutions, with the goal of allowing students to reach the institutions safely with bicycles and preventing contact with vehicles.

Mayor Porush thanked Mr. Adams for his support and the solidarity he had shown with the residents of the town, noting, “We want to build something safe for our children and residents, so they can walk and bike safely. I am grateful that our dear friend Sylvan, a true Zionist, has stepped in to help us complete this mission.”

The Mayor also thanked President Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog, for their assistance and support for the residents of the town, and for the connection with Mr. Adams. He also thanked the director of the Elad Foundation for its important activities promoting the town’s development.